New KDE/Mac Build

So there was a little bitrot since my last packaging run in November, but I’ve finally managed to get a new KDE build done. If you’re downloading in pieces, Qt and kdesupport have been updated too, so make sure you grab them as well as whatever else you’re looking to install.

It looks like starting from the Finder works again, so my patches haven’t totally rotted, and one big new thing is working — input methods!

Unfortunately, SSL is still not happy, I’ve not had a chance to investigate yet. Otherwise, though, things are looking up. Please give them a shot and let me know if you run into any issues, and if you’re willing to help out, join us on irc, in #kde-darwin on freenode.

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Updates Since Um… A Long Time Ago

I’ve been working on packages and catching up on quite a bit of stuff for a while now, but hadn’t gotten around to posting about it, so I guess it’s time to do so. 🙂

I’ve got some more coming down the line — a big reworking of the PostgreSQL packages (including 8.2) as well as a few other things. At that point, I should actually be reasonably caught up.

Big Updates:

KDE: finally got 3.5.5 out the door. Mostly just version bumps, although I did add some code to allow you to easily disable quartz-wm for clipboard synchronization (in some cases, folks were seeing quartz-wm hog memory with a huge leak). You can do so by adding export DISABLE_PROXY=1 in your .xinitrc before you run startkde. Mono: various Mono updates, including a number of compile fixes and stuff. Everything (but MonoDevelop, as always) works now on OSX. Yay!

Other Stuff:

amanith: new package (vector graphics library) amarok: updated to 1.4.4 commons-configuration: updated to 1.3 commons-digester: updated to 1.8 commons-discovery: updated to 0.4 commons-jxpath: new package (XPath interpreter) commons-lang: updated to 2.2 commons-modeler: updated . . . → Read More: Updates Since Um… A Long Time Ago

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2006-10-25 KDE/Mac Snapshot

It looks like some of the kde4 build issues have been fixed, I was able to complete an unassisted run of the KDE/Mac build. New binaries are up and Konqueror and other complex stuff runs again. Dirk is putting out a 3.80.2 Krash release too, and this will pretty closely correspond to that release. I’ll do another build when 3.80.2 is finalized.

There’s already 3 seeders, so feel free to give the torrents a shot and let me know how things work.

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KDE/Mac Apps Start from Finder

So I actually wrote some C++ code this weekend. Those of you who know me know that I have done a lot of hacking on other people’s code, but have written very little C++ myself. (I do a lot of perl and java professionally.) I’ve gotta say, though, Qt is pretty darn easy to work with. I managed to replace the crazy dock icon stuff that Sam Magnuson had put into the original KDE3/Mac work with QSystemTrayIcon (new in Qt 4.2), and I also worked around the bug where apps don’t exit properly.

I also made an ugly hack to set up the DBUS session environment and add /opt/kde4*/bin to the path. I still need to work out a nice/sane way to do this, but for now, it at least lets you start stuff from the Finder. (Yay!)

Next up is to find out why HTTPS is broken in konqueror (and presumably elsewhere).

In the meantime, check out the new packages for all of these updates, and let me know how things work for you.

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KDE4/Mac Binaries Updated

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve updated the KDE/Mac binaries to a build I kicked off this morning.

The WebDAV was neat, but it seems those long-running DAV process booger up file locking on the web server, so I’ve had to disable it. However, I have added KOffice and kdegames to the mix. (Although a lot of things don’t work very well, especially in KOffice.) I’ve also made a .dmg with “everything” if you want to just download the whole dang thing.

Oh, and I’ve also fixed the endianness issues so that PNGs aren’t all purple anymore, so Konqueror looks normal again on PPC machines. 🙂

We’ve even gotten a few extra folks hanging out in IRC now, and folks with some interest in helping out porting, so stop by #kde-darwin on FreeNode and say “hi.”

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KDE4/Mac Binaries

So I’ve finally gotten things pretty much set up for autobuilding KDE4/Mac packages. Universal packages for 10.4 are available here and I’m working on getting 10.3 packages put together as well. I’m still setting off the build process manually for now so I can watch it, but assuming things work out, they should start updating nightly sometime in the next few days. (Well… Assuming everything builds, of course.)

I’ve noticed there are some endianness issues with the png code, I need to figure out if it’s in libpng or somewhere higher up, but other than that, I was able to actually open Konqueror and browse around. Things are a little more stable than my last report a few months ago, so it looks like kde is moving in a generally forward direction. 🙂

If you have any questions, comments, whatever, please e-mail me or visit us on IRC.

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Updates since June 29th

There are quite a few updates since my last big post. Most notable are getting mono up-to-date (although monodevelop still doesn’t work), Ruby on Rails, and kde 3.5.4 (as of this post, it’s 10.4-only, my 10.3 build machine is still chugging through doing a final verification build, but it should be out in the next day or two).

actionmailer-rb: new package (for Ruby on Rails) actionpack-rb: new package (for Ruby on Rails) actionwebservice-rb: new package (for Ruby on Rails) activerecord-rb: new package (for Ruby on Rails) activesupport-rb: new package (for Ruby on Rails) amarok: updated to 1.4.1 (still no GStreamer engine…) boo: updated to cairo: updated to 1.2.0 cocoa-sharp: updated to 0.9.1 fastercsv-rb: new package (fast CSV parsing for Ruby) ferret-rb: new package (a port of the Lucene search engine to Ruby) gecko-sharp: updated to use firefox1.5 instead of firefox (1.0.x) gnupg and gnupg-idea: updated to 1.4.5 glitz: updated to 0.5.6 gst-plugins-bad-0.10: dependency fixes gst-plugins-base-0.10: updated to 0.10.9 gst-plugins-good-0.10: updated to a 0.10.4 snapshot (for updated OSX drivers) gst-plugins: dependcy fixes gstreamer-0.10: . . . → Read More: Updates since June 29th

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Qt 4.2 and kdesupport snapshots updated

I’ve updated my universal packages for Qt and kdesupport to handle the latest that’s going on in kdelibs trunk (the move to Qt 4.2 snapshots, D-Bus moving from kdesupport to Qt, etc.) You should be able to build kdelibs trunk with these packages, until things change again. 😉

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Qt 4.1.4 and kdesupport snapshots

If you haven’t checked lately, I’ve been updating my Qt and kdesupport installer packages pretty regularly. If you’re interested in trying out KDE4 development, all you need is the Qt and kdesupport packages here, and CMake (2.4.2 or higher).

Things are starting to settle down from the D-Bus move and it looks like things are building pretty well.

I’ve updated my continuous build systems so that they work again, you can track whether it currently builds on my G4 10.3 box or an intel iMac here.

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Updates Since May 19th

The KDE4/D-Bus stuff is starting to settle down, and it looks like trunk is starting to regularly build again. It’ll be worth seeing if it’s stabilized pretty soon.

Also, Peter O’Gorman, Torrey Lyons, and I have been working on getting 7.1 building. Torrey committed a ton of fixes in the monolithic (6.9) tree to fix building with the GL and other changes that happened between 6.8 and 6.9. Now we’re trying to get all of that into the 7.x (modular) tree. I’ve got everything up to the X server packaged in my experimental tree and I’ve been playing with seeing how things do when built against it. Peter just got building enough to start up, although it doesn’t work yet. Hopefully things will start working soon.

I’m taking this opportunity to work towards making 7.x the “official” X11 of Fink. I’ve been doing some tests with mixed binaries (some libs linked against /usr/X11R6 and some against /sw/X11) with good results. Eventually, the goal is to transition all X11-using packages in Fink to link against the /sw/X11 tree, and let end-users have whatever X they want in /usr/X11R6 . . . → Read More: Updates Since May 19th

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