2006-10-25 KDE/Mac Snapshot

It looks like some of the kde4 build issues have been fixed, I was able to complete an unassisted run of the KDE/Mac build. New binaries are up and Konqueror and other complex stuff runs again. Dirk is putting out a 3.80.2 Krash release too, and this will pretty closely correspond to that release. I'll do another build when 3.80.2 is finalized.

There's already 3 seeders, so feel free to give the torrents a shot and let me know how things work.

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4 comments to 2006-10-25 KDE/Mac Snapshot

  • is anybody working on a native quartz version, that doesn’t depend on Mac-X?

  • Um… this *is* the native quartz one, using Qt/Mac. Not Qt/X11 like KDE3 in Fink.

  • DarylF2

    I just started working on a project that uses KParts and KPlugins with Qt (currently Qt3, but moving to Qt4 in the near future).
    I assume KDE/Mac uses Qt4? Does it support KParts and KPlugins?
    I’m downloading now and will play with this over the weekend! Thanks for all your hard work, and for making it available!

  • M-Rick

    I have tried some of your your packages.
    Nice work !
    I don’t know where to report you bugs. So I do there.
    I wanted to try Koffice, I have installed kdebase-20061101.dmg, kdelibs-20061025.dmg, kdepimlibs-20061026.dmg, kdesupport-20061025.dmg, koffice-20061025.dmg and of course qt-20061025.dmg.
    My config : iMac G5 20″ Rev B 1,8 Ghz – 2 Gb RAM – Mac OS X 10.4.8
    Some of the applications are missing their specific icons in toolbars
    Kword can’t import doc, odt or PDF files and it’s missing icons in the toolbars.
    Krita crashes when opening PDF files and it’s missing icons in the toolbars.
    Kpresenter doesn’t work very well : it has been able to open a PPS file, but it is displaying nothing and the slideshow is empty, but its toolbars are complete with all its icons.
    KSpread crashes after the opening documents window.
    KPlato and Kchart seem to work rather good.
    Karbon is missing some icons in the toolbars and there is no way to match the window with the screen size. Also, it can’t open or import SVG, PDF or picture files like in the normal version. The choice is even not available int the open/import document window, neither in export.
    Kwrite crashes when using the mouse roller in the windows. Exepting that, it works almost well.
    Konqueror works, but it is very slow. Also the New Tab shortcut is Apple-Alt-N while in any other browser (Safari, Camino, Omniweb, Firefox, Flock, Shiira) it is Apple-T
    Kthesaurus works well.
    I don’t know why, it is missing Kexi in the packages. And the KDE softwares won’t launch localized following the system settings.
    To finish, there is a lot of stuff useless that could be removed to save room, but i will wait untill the softwares work better first, but I did with the X11 version and the complete KDE is only 1 Gb !
    Is there a way to removes icons from the menus ?
    Hope it can help you in your work.