KDE4/Mac Binaries

So I've finally gotten things pretty much set up for autobuilding KDE4/Mac packages. Universal packages for 10.4 are available here and I'm working on getting 10.3 packages put together as well. I'm still setting off the build process manually for now so I can watch it, but assuming things work out, they should start updating nightly sometime in the next few days. (Well... Assuming everything builds, of course.)

I've noticed there are some endianness issues with the png code, I need to figure out if it's in libpng or somewhere higher up, but other than that, I was able to actually open Konqueror and browse around. Things are a little more stable than my last report a few months ago, so it looks like kde is moving in a generally forward direction. 🙂

If you have any questions, comments, whatever, please e-mail me or visit us on IRC.

Konqueror viewing the dot

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9 comments to KDE4/Mac Binaries

  • ljubomir

    screenshots? please?

  • sarah

    Keep up the good work! I can’t wait till I can get a ksnake binary to run natively on Mac OS X, I miss snake racing 🙁

  • Hi, thank you very much for the package, I am excited to tried them out and report problems if any or none 😉
    but why do you offer both pkg and dmg which only containst the same pkg ?

  • There’s a dmg for people that may want to download manually. PKG files are a directory, so you can’t just download them with a link from the web server.

  • Marc

    thank you !
    excellent job !
    just you have forgotten to include Kexi in the Koffice package.

  • I included anything that is installed by “make install”.
    If I had to guess, I’d say kexi isn’t ported enough to even compile yet, so it’s not enabled.

  • Geoff

    I just wanted to say a big thanks for building the KDE and Qt libraries. I’ve been working on some Qt-4.2 and KDE4 apps with some Linux folks and you’ve saved me a *lot* of compile time and aggravation.
    So far I haven’t found any obvious problems with the previous releases, and I’ll try these new binaries sometime this weekend.

  • scot

    are these X11 packages or is this a native port ?

  • Aurelien Girard

    Thanks alot for the work !
    I’m downloading it right now. It’s midnight here in Paris, it will download while I sleep and I’ll install it uring breakfast tomorrow 🙂