New KDE/Mac Build

So there was a little bitrot since my last packaging run in November, but I've finally managed to get a new KDE build done. If you're downloading in pieces, Qt and kdesupport have been updated too, so make sure you grab them as well as whatever else you're looking to install.

It looks like starting from the Finder works again, so my patches haven't totally rotted, and one big new thing is working -- input methods!

Unfortunately, SSL is still not happy, I've not had a chance to investigate yet. Otherwise, though, things are looking up. Please give them a shot and let me know if you run into any issues, and if you're willing to help out, join us on irc, in #kde-darwin on freenode.

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8 comments to New KDE/Mac Build

  • Andres

    Hi, just two questions, are this the same packages you can install via fink or darwinports?
    and 2, to uninstall can I just delete /opt? (I have nothing else there).
    Thanks for the packages! see you later on irc for some feedback

  • No, they’re not the same things in fink or dports. Fink and dports (erm, macports) both have very stable implementations of KDE which use the X11 server to display windows.
    These binaries use Qt/Mac to make “native” aqua executables, so no need for X11, and integration with the OSX clipboard, drag-and-drop, etc.

  • Christian

    Ok, then I guess I can download your binaries without removing my KDE-stuff from Fink?

  • Yup, it’s meant to be entirely self-contained.

  • Since he is also asking about uninstallation. You should probably mention that these packages can easily be uninstalled using the same install dialog.
    or am I mistaken?
    I guess moving the app icons to the trash should to the trick as well.
    any recommendation?

  • Scott

    Hi, can you make a Digikam binary? I’ve tried to compile Digikam under fink with no success.

  • Geoff

    I’ve been using and testing your KDE (and Qt) libraries. Sometime recently, you switched to compiling Qt with no STL support. Can I ask why?
    This is making it tough to integrate some C++ libraries I have, which like QString::toStdString and similar bits.
    Otherwise, everything is moving in a great way!

  • Sven

    BTW, would it be possible to give the KDE/Mac applications the correct “spelling” in the Menu Bar, the Dock, etc.? That is, for example, “Konqueror” (uppercase “K”) instead of “konqueror” (all lowercase, as it is now). I know, maybe it’s a trivial issue, but this would definitely make also the KDE, etc. apps look more integrated with the ordinary ones, which usually have the first letter of their names in uppercase.