KDE/Mac Apps Start from Finder

So I actually wrote some C++ code this weekend. Those of you who know me know that I have done a lot of hacking on other people's code, but have written very little C++ myself. (I do a lot of perl and java professionally.) I've gotta say, though, Qt is pretty darn easy to work with. I managed to replace the crazy dock icon stuff that Sam Magnuson had put into the original KDE3/Mac work with QSystemTrayIcon (new in Qt 4.2), and I also worked around the bug where apps don't exit properly.

I also made an ugly hack to set up the DBUS session environment and add /opt/kde4*/bin to the path. I still need to work out a nice/sane way to do this, but for now, it at least lets you start stuff from the Finder. (Yay!)

Next up is to find out why HTTPS is broken in konqueror (and presumably elsewhere).

In the meantime, check out the new packages for all of these updates, and let me know how things work for you.

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5 comments to KDE/Mac Apps Start from Finder

  • Thiago Macieira

    I’m working on an auto-start feature for the D-Bus session daemon, but my solution is X11-exclusive only. I’d like to hear some input from you how we can differentiate one session from another in MacOS X (something akin to $DISPLAY) and where I could store that information.

  • marcolabs

    Many thanks for your great job. I’ve just installed all the packages on my iMac g5 and (almost) anything runs well!
    I’d like to sumbit you just two little issues:
    1) I can’t find “kcontrol” app? Is this normal/planned, or is it another of the weird things often happening to my computer 🙂 ?
    2) I’m not sure I understood your statement about HTTPS problem? Did you mean it is impossible to use konqueror (for instance) to browse online web pages? I guess this is the point (and this is my case, indeed), anyway as I can see from your screenshot below (your 27th August’s post), you have been surfing the web with konqueror. I guess the “HTTPS problem” came along with newly compiled packages, isn’t it?
    Thank you again

  • as for 1, it’s considered a “workspace” app and is not included in non-X11 builds. Perhaps it will be possible to get kcontrol outside of it eventually, but I hadn’t dug very far yet. What I would *love* to see is to get KDE stuff integrated into System Preferences, but that’s quite a long ways off, I think. 🙂
    Essentially, KDE-on-non-X11 support is assuming that you already *have* a desktop environment, and that you’re using KDE for the applications. The “desktop” related stuff, like kwin, kicker, and kcontrol are a part of KDE’s desktop environment, not the apps in general (which can still be configured individually from their menus).
    As for 2, you’ll notice that konqueror pretty much *only* works with http:// urls right now. I have no idea why. Fish, https, file, and probably anything else just doesn’t work. I suspect it may be something wonky in dynamic loading, but I can’t say for certain yet. So yes, you can browse, as long as it’s not to a secure site. 🙂

  • Sven

    A very simple implementation of KDE into the OS X System Preferences could be a “KDE” preference pane which simply launches the KDE Control Centre: very basic, but at least something to begin with, maybe; a tighter and/or more advanced integration could come gradually afterwards. The basic concept would be similar to what certain third party preference panes – such as the ATI one, for example – do today: when you click on them, they launch an external application (usually in the Utilities folder); i.e., System Preferences integration in the most basic way, so to speak…

  • Erlend

    Great work.
    For those having problems installing to an external volume
    (I have /opt on an external disk), one solution is to run the
    installer from the command line:
    admin$ sudo /usr/sbin/Installer -pkg /Volumes/kde.mpkg/kde.mpkg -target /opt