Monkeying Around

Cruise Monkey Want Mobile

It’s almost time for the 4th annual JoCo Cruise Crazy cruise, and once again, I’ve foolishly decided to spend WAY too much of my free time on putting out an app to be used on the ship.

What’s Different This Year?

Almost everything. I started out refactoring last year’s CruiseMonkey codebase, but it was a bit creaky. It’s definitely interesting to see how far HTML5 “native” app development and PhoneGap/Cordova development have come in just a year.

After playing a little bit with AngularJS for a work project I was really impressed and wanted to refactor to Angular for this year’s CruiseMonkey. In the process of doing so, I ran into Ionic, an HTML5 framework built specifically for making mobile UIs, and reworked the frontend using that.

While there was a direct line from there to here, in the end the codebase looks nothing like CruiseMonkey 3.

Reimagining the Backend

One of the biggest problems with last year’s CruiseMonkey was the spotty wireless on the ship. Since CruiseMonkey 3 was built as a client/server app, it basically . . . → Read More: Monkeying Around

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