KDE4/Mac Binaries Updated

If you haven't noticed, I've updated the KDE/Mac binaries to a build I kicked off this morning.

The WebDAV was neat, but it seems those long-running DAV process booger up file locking on the web server, so I've had to disable it. However, I have added KOffice and kdegames to the mix. (Although a lot of things don't work very well, especially in KOffice.) I've also made a .dmg with "everything" if you want to just download the whole dang thing.

Oh, and I've also fixed the endianness issues so that PNGs aren't all purple anymore, so Konqueror looks normal again on PPC machines. 🙂

We've even gotten a few extra folks hanging out in IRC now, and folks with some interest in helping out porting, so stop by #kde-darwin on FreeNode and say "hi."

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