Best Useless Stats Ever

If you've followed this blog for a bit, you know that I write music and (finally) released an album last year.

One of the places my music is available for download is, who offers up a nice little download/portal service where you can make your music available. You can get my music there for free at 128kbit, or if you want to support my music, or get a higher-quality format (all the way up to FLAC and Apple Lossless!), you can name your own price.

I was looking at my download/listen statistics, and I saw something strange. They do 60-day, 30-day, week, or daily graphs, along with defender graphs.


So I clicked on it, and I saw the coolest most useless statistics graph ever. You can play defender in your graphs. The little UFO flies around, there's people on the ground, and you can move your ship back and forth and shoot them. Awesome!

60-day graph:
60-day graph

Defender graph:
Defender graph

How cool is that!!?

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