KDE4 Fink Unstable Releases

I've had a chance to get a few more of the KDE4 packages polished up into what I hope is a releasable state. 🙂

Please give them a shot, let me know if you have any issues, if things don't work as expected. I know one major thing to look into still is to get document-opening working. Right now the KDE desktop files describe which apps should open different document types, but that is not being translated to OSX's document-opening APIs.

The following packages were released to unstable today:

  • digikam-mac and digikam-x11
  • kdeaccessibility4-mac and kdeaccessibility4-x11
  • kdeadmin4-mac and kdeadmin4-x11
  • kdeartwork4-mac and kdeartwork4-x11
  • kdeedu4-mac and kdeedu4-x11
  • kdegraphics4-mac and kdegraphics4-x11
  • kdemultimedia4-mac and kdemultimedia4-x11

Big ones left on the hitlist are amarok2 and koffice2. Amarok2 I'm starting work on again as a snapshot of the 2.1.0 build, since there are some issues with 2.0.x building on OSX. KOffice is actually working pretty well in my experimental tree, but 2.0 release candidate is due out in the next week or so, so I'm going to wait to update to that before doing a release.

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