This Week in OpenNMS, Friday January 9th

The holidays are over, the hangovers have been recovered from, and in the meantime, a flurry of activity has been happening in the OpenNMS world. It's time for another This Week in OpenNMS!

Project Updates

  • Stable: 1.6.2 Coming

    The goal is to release version 1.6.2 next week. There have been a number of bugs fixed (and a few small features added) since 1.6.2.

  • Trunk: Provisioning

    Work continues on the new provisioning code at a frantic pace. We're not yet at a milestone where people can use it, but lots of pieces are coming together.

  • Trunk: Acknowledgement Daemon

    Dave has begun work on Ackd, the OpenNMS acknowledgement daemon. This will allow API and user-interactive access to acknowledging alarms. The goal is to be able to acknowledge alarms through jabber, email, etc. upon receiving a notification of an issue.

  • Trunk: Alarm Daemon

    Dave also worked on Alarmd, a daemon for managing persistence of alarms to improve event persistence performance and reduce delay in forwarding events
    to listeners.

    This immediately began discussions with a large Telco in Europe about their contributing a 3GPP compliant alarm strategy. Cool.

  • Trunk: IRC Notification Strategy

    DJ committed a notification strategy that can notify you of events and outages through IRC chat.

  • Trunk: Event Code Updates

    Antonio committed some updates to the event code allowing expanding varbinds in an event log message, as well as some changes to the event proxy.

  • Trunk: Cross-Browser Map Support

    Antonio also committed a first-blush update of the OpenNMS map support that works with Safari and Firefox. It still needs some work, but is in a usable state now.

  • Trunk: WMI Has Landed

    WMI support has landed in trunk! Thanks to Matt Raykowski for the hard work in implementing this much-requested feature!

    It supports polling and datacollection, and through the magic of j-Interop, it is completely platform-independent. You do not need to be running OpenNMS on Windows or have any kind of special proxy to collect WMI information from remote hosts, it's a pure-java client implementation using native DCOM to Windows hosts.

  • Trunk: 1.7.0 Coming

    Alongside 1.6.2, we're looking forward to putting out our first unstable release in the 1.7 series. Considering all of the great work that has happened since 1.6 was branched, it was deemed time to make a release and get it out there for people to test. Look for it soon!

Order of the Green Polo Nomination: Matt Raykowski

In honor of his awesome WMI contribution, Matt Raykowski has now been added to the ranks of the Order of the Green Polo. The OGP is an organization of folks who have made a significant contribution to OpenNMS.

Welcome, Matt, and thank you!

Upcoming Events

There has also been discussion of a user conference during the February training dates in Italy, but it's not yet been finalized. Stay tuned to the opennms-announce list for details when we have them.

If you have anything to add to the events list, please let me know.


That's it for this week. Tune in next week for another exciting installment.

Will we get 1.6.2 and 1.7.0 out on time? Will we create a provisioning system that can take down the Internet? Will we find out how Jeff was able to grown an extra set of hands to answer support tickets on two computers at once? Find out next Friday on This Week in OpenNMS!

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