This Week in OpenNMS, Friday December 19th

It's been a pretty busy week here in OpenNMS land.

Project Updates

  • Stable: RT Ticketing Plugin

    Jonathan got his RT ticketing updates finished, along with some OTRS cleanup. These have been merged back into trunk and the 1.6-testing branch, so should be ready pending a review, for the 1.6.2 release.

  • Stable: More Vendor Traps

    Jeff spent some time adding more SNMP collection, graphs, and trap events for a number of agents, including SNMP Informant and AIX.

  • Trunk: IfIndex Persistence

    Antonio committed a small change to the event and alarm persistence code to allow Trapd to extract IfIndex from varbinds if it is available.

  • Trunk: Provisioning

    We continued to focus on the new provisioning daemon and API, with a lot of design work and pair programming going on, especially on Matt's part. We all spent time this week breaking the work up into smaller chunks so we can get a better idea of what our progress is.

    Donald continued to work on the detector code, adding more detectors, tests, and cleanups to the existing code.

    I've been working on creating the model for the configuration that will drive provisioning, including changing the default plugin behavior, defining custom behaviors for determining which IP and SNMP interfaces will be managed (as well as what categories the nodes will be put into). I've been learning much about JAXB along the way, which gives us an alternative to all of the intermediate wrapper code we tend to have to put around our existing Castor model objects.

    David's been working on mocking up some code that will allow the provisioning system to automatically update a dynamic DNS server with information discovered during provisioning.

  • Trunk: WMI Support

    Matt Raykowski continued to work on putting some finishing touches on the WMI support. There's some more to do, but he's hoping to get a first drop of it released into trunk any day now.

  • Trunk: RANCID Integration

    Guglielmo committed the starts of what will become an implementation with RANCID, a tool for doing change management and configuration on Cisco devices.

    The first part wraps the existing (Tcl-based) RANCID tools with a web-services API. Next, we will be writing a plugin for the new provisioning API that can be called when managed node information changes.

  • Other: Laszlo Maps

    Matt Raykowski also spent some time in a branch he and Joed have been working on to create network topology maps using OpenLaszlo. It's not yet ready for integration into trunk, but a lot of good low-level work has been going on in that branch alongside the maps work.

  • Other: Web UI Work

    Rob Moore committed some updates to Matt's sandbox "expenses" application (a codebase to test out new technologies) which include a data grid and a sample query interface using JOSQL. We saw a preview of this at Dev-Jam this year, and it looks pretty sweet. Hopefully we can get it integrated into the OpenNMS web UI in the future.

Upcoming Events

Note: The OpenNMS Group is running a special until the end of the year. Sign up for basic support and get one basic training voucher, sign up for enterprise support (including upgrading from basic) and get a combined basic/advanced training voucher. See Tarus's "Forget TARP, Take COVER" post for details.

If you have anything to add to the events list, please let me know.

'Zat You, Santa Claus?

That's it for this week.

The OpenNMS Group is off from Christmas to the new year, so things will probably be quiet next week. I want to wish you all a happy non-denominational, non-specific, non-offensive, winter solstice time celebration day!

As always, feel free to drop a comment my way if you have any suggestions, love- or hate-mail, or anything at all.

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