This Week in OpenNMS, Friday January 23rd

Sorry I missed last week, I ended up having so much come up I didn't have time to put it together, so this issue is an action-packed 2-week OpenNMS extravaganza!

Project Updates

  • Stable: Current Release is 1.6.2

    On January 15th, we saw the release of OpenNMS 1.6.2 which included a number of small bugfixes and feature additions.

    For the full list of what was changed, see the 1.6.2 bug milestone.

  • Unstable: Current Release is 1.7.0

    The 15th also saw the first unstable release since 1.6 went stable. It is a work-in-progress release from trunk which gives a preview of the features to come in the 1.8 series. As 1.7.x releases come out, the release notes in the New and Noteworthy section of the web page will be updated with an overview of the new features which will be in 1.8.0.

  • Trunk: Provisioning

    Provisiond is moving along, with lots more commits. Matt has been working on the scheduler and other infrastructure, and I've been working on the data model for the requisition (what nodes/etc. to import) and foreign source (what to do with the information imported). Things are moving along, and hopefully we will be doing actual scanning of node data soon.

  • Trunk: RANCID Integration

    Guglielmo has been working more on the integration with RANCID for Cisco router management.

  • Trunk: Acknowledgement Daemon

    Dave is continuing his work on the acknowledgement daemon. It's approaching finished, and will hopefully be in a usable state in the nightly snapshots soon.

  • Trunk: WMI Updates

    More work has been done on the WMI feature since 1.7.0 came out, including some architectural tweaking, and lots of new data collections.

  • Trunk: Map Work

    More work has been going on in the OpenLaszlo map branch. From what I've been told, it's approaching a usable/demoable state. Look for updates on this soon!

    Also, Antonio did some bugfixes and updates to the Firefox/Safari SVG maps, as well.

  • Trunk: Node Page Enhancements

    Donald has been working on some new spiffy dynamic node pages which will allow you to browse node data, do simple queries, and other neat stuff, using Ext JS.

  • Trunk: Asterisk Notification Support

    Jeff added support for notifications through Asterisk.

Upcoming Events

If you have anything to add to the events list, or you wish to be a Dev-Jam sponsor, please let me know.


That's it for this week. As always, questions, comments, constructive and/or destructive criticism are always welcome. =)

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