New OpenNMS VMware Image

We've finally gotten the OpenNMS image for VMware put together and uploaded to SourceForge, with OpenNMS 1.3.8 on it. It hasn't been updated since the 1.3.3 VMware image was put together.

Since I'd been having such good luck with Mandriva, and as Tarus mentioned, they've been very supportive of us in general, I went ahead and made the image using Mandriva 2008.0. It has the advantage of being quite a bit smaller than our previous CentOS-based image (about 400MB compressed) and is a very minimal install with just the minimum needed to get OpenNMS up and running.

So if you were wanting to try OpenNMS out but didn't really have anywhere to run it, why not download the image from SourceForge and give it a shot? All you need is the free VMware player; just follow the README file inside the package and you should be off and running.

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