OpenNMS 1.3.9 Released

OpenNMS 1.3.9 has been released. It's mostly a few small bug fixes and features, but it does fix a rather important deadlock in the database code that could cause notifications to not go out correctly (among other things).

Other than that, we've been pow-wowing on what to do for the next release -- there's a bunch of niggly little bugs that need to be cleaned up, but overall, the trunk codebase is still looking solid.

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2 comments to OpenNMS 1.3.9 Released

  • Moein

    would you please help me in :
    how to use mib2OpenNMS in Windows?
    I have my own MIB and need to use it , under Windows.
    thanks a lot

  • Ranger Rick

    mib2opennms has not been ported to windows, so it’s not possible to do so
    You can, however, create your own events manually by looking at the existing examples in $OPENNMS_HOME/etc/events/.