OpenNMS Installer

So I've spent the last week or so working on a Windows installer for OpenNMS, using IzPack, an awesome Java-based installer. After some trial-and-error getting it to handle paths nicely (some of our code is not spaces-in-paths clean, so I had to hack something up to get the DOS 8.3 filename), it seems to be working!

We're going to spend some time testing it and making sure everything works well enough to be considered an "alpha", but this certainly appears to put us on track to have a nice installer working shortly after 1.3.8 is out -- which should be any day, there are only a couple of bugs left on the blocker list.

...and since IzPack is a Java-based installer, it actually works on Mac OS X and Linux as well, and in theory, anywhere else that supports Java 1.5... (Although it is still recommended you use native package management, since you'll get config-file management and other nice stuff...)

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