Fink and Leopard

If you've missed it, David posted to the Fink news that we have initial Leopard support.

Thanks to apple keeping C++ binary compatibility this release (phew) it is most definitely the easiest upgrade yet! For most people, you can just do a "fink selfupdate-rsync" (or "fink selfupdate-cvs") to get the fink 0.27.7 tool, and it will automatically convert your fink installation to be Leopard-compatible. If you're doing a fresh fink install, you'll have to install XCode 3 off the Leopard DVD, and then bootstrap from the 0.27.7 tarball, but it's a very painless procedure. A binary installer is on the way.

The best part is, increased POSIX compliance and better overall system headers in 10.4 has paid off in most Fink packages working out of the box on 10.5 (minus the stupid linker bug which apple did not fix in time for 10.5.0) and what's left will get updated as problems arise. The transition (as compared to the 10.3 -> 10.4 gcc-3.3 to gcc-4.0 move) has been considerably less painful.

Since Leopard is still very new, and not many maintainers have had the chance to upgrade, if you find issues with packages (or missing packages) and wish to report a bug, please CC the fink-devel list for the next few weeks so we can find someone to help fix it, even if the maintainer can't test bugfixes yet.

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1 comment to Fink and Leopard

  • Ryan

    Thanks for noting the linker bug on 10.5, I’ve been going nuts trying to link Wine to the OpenGL frameworks on Leopard.
    Looking forward to getting Steam up and running finally! Keep up the good work with KDE/Mac as well, really looking forward to Amarok etc on OS X.