aKademy Mac OS X presentation available

My aKademy presentation is now available online!

Ogg Theora Video PDF Slides
Ogg Theora Video PDF Slides

(There is also a torrent of the entire collection of talks.)

It went reasonably well once I got started, but I actually had, um, some technical difficulties.... 😉

I had forgotten to pack my DVI->VGA adaptor so that I can hook up to the projector. Someone was kind enough to lend me one, but it turns out you can't use any old adapter, you need an Apple one. Otherwise, your shiny new perfect Macbook Pro hard-locks and takes 5 minutes to fsck and start up. (GRR.)

Anyways, Stefan Teleman was nice enough to switch with me, and do his talk first. Once he was finished, I tried one more time with the DVI connector, and it crashed again, so we gave up on the VGA plug and set about trying to figure out a way to get my presentation (and demos) viewable.

Then someone in the crowd had the ingenious idea of setting my laptop on the spot for the projector camera used for oldskool transparencies, instead of hooking into the VGA cable. It was a little fuzzy, but it worked! If you watch the video you'll see near the end that the laptop is sitting with the screen laying flat on the table. (tee-hee)

Anyways, thanks to everyone who came to see my talk, I've had a good time at aKademy!

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