New KDE/Mac Snapshot

I started seeding a new KDE/Mac snapshot last night after fighting my way through some build issues. It looks to be a pretty solid release, lots of bugfixes and fresh code. 🙂

It's been great to see the interest since going to aKademy, there are a number of folks very interested in seeing the Qt/Mac port get cleaned up and ready for the Real World™ so expect to see more in the future.

It's slow going seeding from my home network, as I need to throttle it during the day (since my wife and I both work from home) but it should pick up as things make it to other seeders, and my seeding machines out on the 'net.

As always, let me know how things go!

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3 comments to New KDE/Mac Snapshot

  • Joan

    Good afternoon, I was trying to download the kdelibs torrent and there is no peers to get it downloaded.
    If you could have a look I’d be grateful.
    Humm, also, in what package is kate, tried a lot and couldn’t find it…
    Thank you, and good job!

  • bkn

    I can’t wait to get home and download the latest build. i hadn’t even finished d/l the july 1st release yet.
    I don’t know much about torrents, but can’t you make the everything.dmg torrent a meta torrent for the rest of the individual torrents? That you one can download the everything.torrent then select which packages to download.
    Thanks for you work!

  • Troy Unrau

    Kate is in kdesdk now – not sure if RangerRick is building that package or not…