Updates Since March 20th

Starting to see some nice KDE/Mac traction. I see dfaure's been doing some work on making kdepim build. Tanner's cmake code to find executables inside bundles is now in CMake proper and in the 2.4.0 release candidate. I'm waiting for a few more test-builds to finish, and I will be releasing KDE/X11 3.5.2 (finally) to Fink unstable. An invasive qt3 release went out tonight in preparation to that. I finally moved everything into /sw/lib/qt3 so that $QTDIR works as expected (with symlinks to provide the old directories as necessary).

In the meantime, here's what else I've done in the Fink tree recently.

  • distcc: A small (but important) change to the DISTCC_TRANS stuff fixes having a mac act as a distcc node for my linux-hosted darwin cross-compiler setup.

  • cairo: Updated to 1.0.4.

  • dbus qt3 bindings: build fixes

  • libexif12: Fixes for doxygen doc building.

  • libmpcdec3: Updated to 1.2.2.

  • poppler: New package (poppler1, the shared library changed versions) and an update to the poppler qt3 bindings.

  • Qt3: Rearranged the qt3 package to have a proper $QTDIR in /sw/lib/qt3. Also incorporated many of the KDE patches to Qt that really do seem to make a difference stability-wise.

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1 comment to Updates Since March 20th

  • Matthias Granberry

    Kopete built fine once I reworked all of the i18n changes. I look forward to tinkering more once kopete 0.12 is out the door.