kdelibs/Mac can run simple apps

Looks like things are getting some momentum.

Someone I spoke with on IRC hammered out an implementation of KGlobalAccel for Qt/Mac now, although I don't know if he's got the code in yet. I've been doing some tinkering with getting KStartupInfo to be a stub rather than missing altogether, so we can stop #ifdef'ing out stuff all over the code.

I've also cleaned up a bunch of the DISPLAY code, although I haven't committed it yet because it touches a lot of stuff and I want to double-check it all.

Tanner got some code working for finding app bundles in cmake, and I'm going to integrate that code into the KStandardDirs findBundle code as well.

I've put together a tarball (universal even!) of all of the basic requirements of building KDE/Mac from source (minus Qt and kdelibs). Just follow the instructions there to get moving. If they're stable enough, I might resurrect the kde.opendarwin.org package-generation and start making drops of things that people can play with.

With some of this pending code, I was able to actually get Konqueror running, although poorly. The caption says DCOP is messed, but it looks like some of it actually works now, I was able to load my front page in it before it crapped out on me.

All in all, progress is being made, and even better, it looks like people besides me and Tanner are starting to look at it, so perhaps things will start getting some real development steam going!

(UPDATE: new picture!)
Konqueror on KDE/Mac 4
Konqueror on KDE/Mac 4 (working)

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6 comments to kdelibs/Mac can run simple apps

  • yay

    that’s great.
    native GTK+ also looks to be finally moving ahead so soon we could have native Gnome and native KDE.

  • Flobb

    I’d prefer to say (and to use) native Gtk and native KDE Apps.
    Koffice natively on mac OSX …. 🙂 (before Apple rip the code (oops 🙂 )

  • m-rick

    It is really promissing what you did !!
    Do you think it is possible to create standalone applications that we can easily install only by drag-and-drop ?

  • Maybe eventually, right now we just want to get things to work at all. 🙂

  • konsole-lover

    Thanks for all your efforts, RangerRick! I run your fink unstable kde/x11 packages primarily for konsole with its nice tabbed interface and ability to use the command key as meta. Does konsole build against qt/mac yet? Has anyone tried running it?

  • Yeah, konsole builds and even works, but won’t accept control-characters, which makes it pretty useless. 🙁