Happy Birthday To Me

Well, today's my birthday, the big 2-8. Cynthia sent me some flowers to work, they're very nice!
I also got Angel, seasons 1-3 from Dad & Patty... I've got lots of TV watching to catch up on. =)
Going out to Maggiano's tonight for dinner, assuming I'm not too sick to go (I had a 100-something fever last night, although I'm feeling quite a bit better now.)
On the subject of things you people are coming here for (grin), I'm going to be working on packaging KDE 3.2.2 for Fink, it's due out soon. I should have some time to work on it tomorrow evening, expect checkins to experimental soon.
Also, I'd talked about working on gtk-sharp, according to the I give up / Mac OS X PPC support thread on the Mono discussion list, my best bet is to wait a bit. There is someone who is starting to actively work on the OSX/PPC port; most of the brokenness is known issues and just needs some time from Miguel's team to get cleaned up. For now I'm going to hold off on working on it and come back when they get things to mature a little more.

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