No, I’m not dead…

Just haven't been updating the blog recently. Things I've been working on:

  • Getting GTK# to work on Mac OS X
  • Trying to get the KDE upgrade issues fixed up so that I can move 3.2.1 to stable in Fink.
  • Profit!

KDE 3.2.2 is coming down the pipe very soon, I'll probably spend a week or so getting that working once it hits the packager list.

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6 comments to No, I’m not dead…

  • Moj

    GTK# – through X11 or direct to a native GTK?

  • X11, there’s no native GTK that’s workable yet

  • Tarus

    w00t, an update from Ben. I guess Cynthia’s out of town this week (grin).

  • zpok

    since the KDE for OS X isn’t ready for bugreporting, I won’t. I’ve finally found out how to change themes and it all starts to make sense of sorts. It’s wonderful to finally be able to play around with KDE without messing up my primary machine or having to become a Linux Geek (I’m very very bad at that I’m afraid).
    It still “looks” and “feels” badly done, and yes, it’s buggy as hell, but I’m totally in awe to see this whole environment running natively (well, more hobbling natively) on top of my favourite OS. This is by far my favourite OSS project, I admit to checking your blog every few days.
    I think a lot of OS X users will learn to love quite a few KDE applications, maybe even the whole KDE environment – especially recent “switchers”.
    I really hope the database will be included in the final release. You’ve no idea how many people don’t really like Filemaker – as easy and point-click as it is.

  • Er… “the database”? I’m not aware of a database for KDE.