Time to offset the “negative waves,” Thanksgiving-style.

Since my last entry is a bit of a downer, I thought I'd post something so it's at least not on the top of the page anymore. Thanksgiving seems a good time to make up for that. 😉
First of all, thanks to my parents for always being there, in spirit or otherwise, even when I wasn't. (If those of you reading this know what I'm talking about, you know, if not, it's none of your business 😉
Thanks to, well, everyone responsible, for letting me have the opportunity to not only have a job during the implosion of the tech industry, but having one I actually like.
Thanks to the thousands of open-source developers that make my hobby possible, much less rewarding. And thanks to the people that say "thanks" back for the hard work that goes into Fink; that really is what keeps us going. I know that for every one person that actually spends the time to e-mail a package maintainer and thank them, there's 10 that mean to. So to the 11 of you who appreciate Fink, I salute you. <grin>
Thanks to you guys reading this blog, 'cause until you do something like this, it's hard to imagine how incredibly cool it is to meet someone and have them say, "Oh, you're Ranger Rick? I read your blog!"
I've gotta say, I have a lot to be thankful for. I've got it pretty easy, and I don't ever want to forget to appreciate it.
Now, back to some Thanksgiving slackin'. Carry on.
(Oh, and thanks to Larry for not only being a good roommate, but for having his DVD collection sitting over on that rack. I'm finally getting around to watching Kelly's Heroes, which savvy readers will recognize as the source of part of this entry's title.)

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