Yes, I'm still working on KDE 3.2 beta packages for Fink. 3.1.94 (beta 2) just went to packagers and it's looking a *lot* cleaner than beta 1 was.

So of my previous TODO list, here's where I'm at:

  • aRts works again (thanks, Justin, for remembering we'd patched the esound driver ourselves, previously!)
  • KDevelop builds and works great on 10.3. On 10.2-gcc3.3, it has some issues because it appears exceptions are seriously screwed on the gcc 3.3 that you can get for Jaguar. Ada, Java, and I think a few others will have to be disabled. Other than that, it appears to be looking pretty good.
  • KOffice is the last thing I need to dig into, but that's not in Fink right now anyways, so nothing's stopping me from releasing the rest of KDE right away.

I'll post a note here when I've got 3.1.94 ready for release; I expect just a few more days if nothing goes wrong. Cross your fingers!

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3 comments to KDE

  • So, what’s the deal with your experimental tree, has everything just disappeared?!

  • No, I just moved things around.
    I now have:
    I assume you think everything’s gone ’cause you’re going through the web interface? =)

  • Of course! Part of being a geek is doing everything the hard way! And, once in a while, that means *NOT* using the command line. Yes, I did just say not to use the CL once in a while. 😀
    KDevel here I come!