Is freedom really slavery, Mister Reed? Is this bug really a feature, Mister Reed?

So this guy going by the name "Lenny Bruce" has been trolling the Fink lists, raving about some supposed conspiracy in which Tenon somehow coerced the XonX folks into not releasing hardware-accelerated OpenGL support.
Hehe, it makes me want to laugh just writing it.
Anyways, I've captured some of the better morsels from the thread to a text file, and at the end have added the off-list discussion that continued between him and I after Max banned him from the list. Check it out, it's pretty amusing. It's cute, he even wrote me a poem! If he is foolish enough to respond, I'll be sure to post it to the end of that file...
Update: he's posting to my blog. So what do you think? Is removing someone from a mailing list on SourceForge a freedom of speech infringment? You know my opinion. Of course, he keeps threatening me even though I'm not the one who removed him, so even if it is he's talking to the wrong person, but he's certainly entertaining, either way.

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7 comments to Is freedom really slavery, Mister Reed? Is this bug really a feature, Mister Reed?

  • lenny bruce

    Do I have to sue you?
    You’re bragging about denying freedom of speech.
    What happens when someone does it to you?
    Will you have any room to demand your civil rights?

  • No, actually, I was archiving it for when I e-mailed the SourceForge folks, so they knew that you somehow thought that Max removing you was grounds for suing them, even though the Terms of Service you agreed to when signing up for SourceForge allow him to.
    Your whimsical method of calling me names was interesting enough to post to my blog. Case closed.

  • cirdan

    slander is not covered under free speech. it’s actually a crime, believe it or not. just because McCarthy did it does not mean it’s right or allowed.

  • cirdan

    this was directed at you, lenny

  • Actually, I thought of a really good analogy last night while going to bed:
    1. Bob has a party
    2. Fred comes to the party, and starts loudly proclaiming that Joe (at the party) is a baby killer (note that this is patently absurd, and Fred has absolutely no evidence)
    3. Bob asks Fred to stop saying that
    4. Fred doesn’t stop
    5. Bob kicks Fred out of his house
    6. Fred says that Bob is infringing on his free speech

  • fingolfin

    Hey, very cool, lenny is threatening RangerRick for things I did? Now that’s fun, I was already wondering why he wasn’t complaining. Now I know he did, just not at the right address (not that it would have helped either way). Poor RR 🙂
    Lenny, Yes please, if you insist please go ahead and sue any/all of us. I’d love to witness how the judge laughs into your face. Get over it, dude.

  • benny's loose

    That does it. I’m suing you all for cluttering my screen (and now my mind) with all of your Fink-related nonsense.
    My unalienable rights as an American state that I’m entitled to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, and I’m not happy and I’m reading your blog, so you are directly responsible for my inability to pursue happiness.
    See you in court, Mr. Rick. And I highly doubt that you are even a Ranger…