One Door Closes…

So along with some other folks, I was laid off from my job at Raritan today. Although I’m disappointed to be leaving a stellar group of people to work with, I’m heartened by the outpouring of commiseration (and job offers!) from everyone. Thank you so much!

If you know of anything interesting for a Perl/Java/Mac/Open-Source/Geek kind of person, let me know. And check out my resume while you’re at it. 😉

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Fink 0.25.0 Out

For the first time since early 2005, a new major version of “fink” the command-line program is out. Plenty of good development work has gone on in the 0.24 series, with lots of nice incremental updates, but a lot of really great stuff has gone into 0.25. While there are plenty of other neat engine things and additions, I’m going to focus here on the changes that users will be able to see.

Internals Speed

Most noticeable right away is speed. The incremental indexer was pretty much rewritten. You will not spend nearly as much time nowadays waiting for fink to scan your info files for changes.

A lot of other smaller operations related to the index have been sped up as well. All in all, fink is much faster. (Although I still would never call it “snappy”… <grin>)


The buildlocks system has been rewritten, and should rarely get in your way anymore. It is much smarter about adding and removing build locks, and can clean up after itself much better.


There are a number of new options for various things.

–log-output Automatically log the output of package . . . → Read More: Fink 0.25.0 Out

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Updates Since May 19th

The KDE4/D-Bus stuff is starting to settle down, and it looks like trunk is starting to regularly build again. It’ll be worth seeing if it’s stabilized pretty soon.

Also, Peter O’Gorman, Torrey Lyons, and I have been working on getting 7.1 building. Torrey committed a ton of fixes in the monolithic (6.9) tree to fix building with the GL and other changes that happened between 6.8 and 6.9. Now we’re trying to get all of that into the 7.x (modular) tree. I’ve got everything up to the X server packaged in my experimental tree and I’ve been playing with seeing how things do when built against it. Peter just got building enough to start up, although it doesn’t work yet. Hopefully things will start working soon.

I’m taking this opportunity to work towards making 7.x the “official” X11 of Fink. I’ve been doing some tests with mixed binaries (some libs linked against /usr/X11R6 and some against /sw/X11) with good results. Eventually, the goal is to transition all X11-using packages in Fink to link against the /sw/X11 tree, and let end-users have whatever X they want in /usr/X11R6 . . . → Read More: Updates Since May 19th

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Updates Since April 27th

There’s been quite a bit going on since my last Fink status update. Here’s what I’ve released since April 27th.

amaroK: I’ve rearranged the amaroK package (again), and updated it to 1.4. It’s still got a wrapper package (“amarok”) but now the core and the output engines are separate packages. Since the gstreamer engine was not deemed stable for the initial 1.4 release, the only engine that’s packaged is the xine engine, but eventually, you will have the choice of 1 or more engines to install on top of the amaroK core without needing variants.

GNUPG: I updated gnupg to 1.4.3, as well as gnupg-idea, which was long overdue for an update.

GStreamer: I finally did a big overhaul of the GStreamer packages. There’s now a wrapper package for all GStreamer 0.10 plugins (called “gst-plugins-0.10”), I’ve also finally finished up packaging gst-plugins-bad and gst-python. Also of note, gst-plugins-good-0.10 reintroduces the osxaudiosink, missing since 0.8, so you can get native audio again (instead of routing through the esound or SDL output plugins). The osxvideo sink is not quite as ready for primetime, so I’ve left it out still. Hopefully it’s coming soon.

. . . → Read More: Updates Since April 27th

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Updates Since Feb 11th

A lot has been going on. We’ve been working hard to make sure things work in the 10.4 tree, and doing build tests on 10.4/x86. I think we’re starting to get close to being able to put together a bindist.

I’ve posted a few updates recently, but nothing about what’s been going on in my packages, so… It’s update time. 🙂

cairo: Cairo 1.0.2 got moved to stable, and 1.0.4 was released to unstable.

commons-codec: Version 1.3 was released to unstable.

commons-fileupload: Updated to 1.1 in unstable.

commons-httpclient: Updated to 3.0 in unstable.

commons-net: Updated to 1.4.1 in unstable.

commons-resources: Updated to a recent CVS snapshot.

commons-validator: Updated to 1.2.0 in unstable.

DBD::Pg: Version 1.43 was released to stable.

DBI: Stable was updated to 1.50.

distcc: Unstable got updates to support my build translator for using cross-compilers. and went through a few revisions.

EKG: Stable was updated to 1.6 final.

flex: Flex came out of abandonment and got a new release (and a new website).

giflib and libungif: 4.1.4 of both giflib and libungif were released to unstable and then . . . → Read More: Updates Since Feb 11th

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Fink, the 10.4 tree, and Intel

David Morrison’s been doing an incredible amount of work getting everything organized for a real 10.4/gcc4 tree (which should, in theory, work with the new intel macs). I’m finally getting around to starting to take a real look at getting my packages ready for such a beast. I’ve finished bootstrapping the 10.4 tree, and am now working my way through deps.

In the meantime, here’s my stuff that’s been updated since my last blog post.

Amarok: updated to 1.3.8 (also, released to the 10.3 tree)

GnuPG: took over maintainership, updated to 1.4.2

GStreamer 0.10: updated gstreamer-0.10, gst-plugins-base-0.10, gst-plugins-good-0.10, and gst-plugins-ugly-0.10 to the latest versions (0.10.2 for some, 0.10.1 for others, depending on what’s available) — this is the first time these packages have been released to the 10.3 tree, as well

Mono: updated to 1.1.13

Net::Jabber: initial release

Net::XMPP: initial release

Poppler: released a package for the Qt3 bindings

PostgreSQL: all PostgreSQL packages have been updated to their latest versions (7.3.13, 7.4.11, 8.0.6, and 8.1.2, respectively) — this includes finally getting the 8.1 packages up-to-speed and PostGIS at 1.1.0 (after some finicky trickery with their new build . . . → Read More: Fink, the 10.4 tree, and Intel

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Unemployed No More

I accepted today an offer with PinPoint (well, PowerByHand), doing freaky perl stuff. 🙂 Whoohoo!

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PerlQt/libsmoke in unstable

I’ve released fink packages for PerlQt and libsmoke. They’re pretty solid, the only problems are with the OpenGL code on Apple’s X11, so I’ve disabled the dependency on the opengl-pm package for now. If I can get that worked out, I’ll up the revision and put out a new version. For now it’s totally usable for anything but the qt opengl stuff.

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I’ve got PerlQt 3.006 and the OpenGL perl module working… Check out the PerlQT OpenGL demos!

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