PostgreSQL ‘IPLIKE’ Plugin Available for Windows

Since we (regrettably <g>) support a couple of customers running OpenNMS on Windows, I spent some time yesterday getting IPLIKE built on it, finally. You no longer have to rely on the slow PL/PGSQL version of it, and can instead use the nice speedy native C version instead.

For details, see the wiki page for IPLIKE.

As far as I’m aware, there is not a win64 version of PostgreSQL, so I’ve punted investigating what it would take to get stuff built on it, but I would like to get a 64-bit JICMP built at least. Does anyone have a win64 development environment that could get it building for us? I have no Win64 licenses, much less development environment. A little investigating dug up a MinGW64 preview, but I have no idea if it would actually work or not. =)

If you run into any problems with it, let me know!

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OpenNMS 1.6.0 Is Out

…and it features a ton of changes since the last stable release. Here’s what I put in the release notes as an introduction to the 1.6.0 release:

Release 1.6.0 is the first stable release in the OpenNMS 1.6 series.

It’s been 3 and a half years since the last OpenNMS stable version, 1.2, was branched and released as production-ready. In that time, OpenNMS as a project has changed tremendously, the community has grown exponentially, and massive numbers of new features have been incorporated into the “unstable” 1.3.x series.

In that time, the unstable codebase solidified to the point that The OpenNMS Group supported it as if it were stable; it was at least as stable as 1.2.x was, but many users held off on upgrading because of the unstable moniker.

After a lot of work, and a renewed focus on getting the next stable release out the door, we are now prepared to declare OpenNMS 1.6 release-candidate-ready.

Why 1.6 instead of 1.4? 3 years is a lot of time, and a lot has happened in that time. We’re not ready to call it 2.0, we want to redo the . . . → Read More: OpenNMS 1.6.0 Is Out

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OpenNMS Updates, Fink, and KDE

First of all, I want to point out that OpenNMS 1.3.7 is out, and it’s full of awesomeness. Big speed improvements, my SmokePing clone, and lots of other cool stuff. I finally finished up the last of the packaging updates today; 1.3.7 is now in Fink, has Debian packages, and RPMs. I also spent a lot of time updating the installation instructions (Yum, Debian) so please, try it out, and if you run into any issues, let me know, and I’ll make sure the docs get fixed.

In other news, I’ve actually started spending some time getting Fink stuff up-to-date again. PostgreSQL has bugfix releases coming up for all supported releases, and I have some KDE updates coming as well.

In addition, I need to catch up on the KDE/Mac stuff, I’m going to start working on a new build this week.

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PostgreSQL Security Updates

I’ve released updated PostgreSQL packages from version 7.3 and up. They fix a number of security problems (as well as a bug in the 8.x series that has been in the wild for a couple of days).

All users are encouraged to update.

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Updates Since Um… A Long Time Ago

I’ve been working on packages and catching up on quite a bit of stuff for a while now, but hadn’t gotten around to posting about it, so I guess it’s time to do so. 🙂

I’ve got some more coming down the line — a big reworking of the PostgreSQL packages (including 8.2) as well as a few other things. At that point, I should actually be reasonably caught up.

Big Updates:

KDE: finally got 3.5.5 out the door. Mostly just version bumps, although I did add some code to allow you to easily disable quartz-wm for clipboard synchronization (in some cases, folks were seeing quartz-wm hog memory with a huge leak). You can do so by adding export DISABLE_PROXY=1 in your .xinitrc before you run startkde. Mono: various Mono updates, including a number of compile fixes and stuff. Everything (but MonoDevelop, as always) works now on OSX. Yay!

Other Stuff:

amanith: new package (vector graphics library) amarok: updated to 1.4.4 commons-configuration: updated to 1.3 commons-digester: updated to 1.8 commons-discovery: updated to 0.4 commons-jxpath: new package (XPath interpreter) commons-lang: updated to 2.2 commons-modeler: updated . . . → Read More: Updates Since Um… A Long Time Ago

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OSCON 2006 — Say “Hi”

I’m here in Portland at OSCON until Friday night. If you’re here, send me an e-mail and we can try to find each other and say “hi”. I’ve gone ahead and set up a “Birds of a Feather” meet-up, at 8:30pm Wednesday night, in room F150. If you’re interested in Fink, give us a visit.

If you’re not at OSCON, well, you’re missing out. 😉

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PostgreSQL Security Updates

I’ve released Fink packages for the recent PostgreSQL security update — they are available in unstable in the 10.3, 10.4-transitional, and 10.4 trees.

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Updates Since Feb 11th

A lot has been going on. We’ve been working hard to make sure things work in the 10.4 tree, and doing build tests on 10.4/x86. I think we’re starting to get close to being able to put together a bindist.

I’ve posted a few updates recently, but nothing about what’s been going on in my packages, so… It’s update time. 🙂

cairo: Cairo 1.0.2 got moved to stable, and 1.0.4 was released to unstable.

commons-codec: Version 1.3 was released to unstable.

commons-fileupload: Updated to 1.1 in unstable.

commons-httpclient: Updated to 3.0 in unstable.

commons-net: Updated to 1.4.1 in unstable.

commons-resources: Updated to a recent CVS snapshot.

commons-validator: Updated to 1.2.0 in unstable.

DBD::Pg: Version 1.43 was released to stable.

DBI: Stable was updated to 1.50.

distcc: Unstable got updates to support my build translator for using cross-compilers. and went through a few revisions.

EKG: Stable was updated to 1.6 final.

flex: Flex came out of abandonment and got a new release (and a new website).

giflib and libungif: 4.1.4 of both giflib and libungif were released to unstable and then . . . → Read More: Updates Since Feb 11th

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KDE/X11 3.5.1 to Fink Unstable, Other Stuff

Lots has been going on since my last status update. Work has been continuing quickly on getting the 10.4 tree whipped into shape. In addition, I made a new script to manage the generation of my info files for various trees, so it’s a bit easier to keep things working between 10.3, 10.4-transitional, and 10.4. The big news is that I (finally) released KDE 3.5.1 to the unstable tree.

KDE: all of KDE has been updated to 3.5.1, also, some structural changes were made to the packages that should limit doxygen errors while building

PostgreSQL: many packaging bugfixes; also, updated PostGIS to 1.1.1

AGG (libagg): new package

DBus Qt3 bindings: new package

EKG: updated to 1.6 final

GeoIP: updated to 1.3.8

GPUtils: new package

GStreamer 0.8 (and plugins): updated to 0.8.12

Konversation: updated to 0.19

libmusicbrainz: updated to 2.1.2

libtunepimp: rearranged the 0.3.0 libtunepimp2 package, also released a 0.4.2 libtunepimp3 package

OpenEXR: updated to 1.2.2

Parallel BZip2: updated to 0.9.6

Poppler Qt3 bindings: updated to 0.5.0

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Fink, the 10.4 tree, and Intel

David Morrison’s been doing an incredible amount of work getting everything organized for a real 10.4/gcc4 tree (which should, in theory, work with the new intel macs). I’m finally getting around to starting to take a real look at getting my packages ready for such a beast. I’ve finished bootstrapping the 10.4 tree, and am now working my way through deps.

In the meantime, here’s my stuff that’s been updated since my last blog post.

Amarok: updated to 1.3.8 (also, released to the 10.3 tree)

GnuPG: took over maintainership, updated to 1.4.2

GStreamer 0.10: updated gstreamer-0.10, gst-plugins-base-0.10, gst-plugins-good-0.10, and gst-plugins-ugly-0.10 to the latest versions (0.10.2 for some, 0.10.1 for others, depending on what’s available) — this is the first time these packages have been released to the 10.3 tree, as well

Mono: updated to 1.1.13

Net::Jabber: initial release

Net::XMPP: initial release

Poppler: released a package for the Qt3 bindings

PostgreSQL: all PostgreSQL packages have been updated to their latest versions (7.3.13, 7.4.11, 8.0.6, and 8.1.2, respectively) — this includes finally getting the 8.1 packages up-to-speed and PostGIS at 1.1.0 (after some finicky trickery with their new build . . . → Read More: Fink, the 10.4 tree, and Intel

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