Google Chrome on Mac OS X (In Wine)

Just a quick note to say that based on these instructions, I was able to get Google Chrome running on Mac OS X, using Fink.

You’ll need to enable unstable (“fink configure”, followed by “fink selfupdate-rsync”), and then do a “fink install wine cabextract”. Then start at the “offline installer” part of the instructions.


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Microsoft, Why Do You Treat Me Like A Pirate?

Do you see that picture on the right? I bought Windows XP when it came out. An actual legitimate copy of Windows XP Home Edition. It promised a lot of things that it eventually pretty much delivered after a couple of service packs. It’s moved from machine to machine as I’ve updated hardware. I’ve gotten rid of basically all of my old PC hardware and now it lives on my Macbook Pro. I’ve been reasonably happy with it. Except…

With such a long history, I’ve long-since passed the time when Microsoft accepted my key without question through internet activation. Do you know what happens when you pass that time? Painful crushing phone activation.


First, you have to call a number, and enter 9 sets of 6 digits (they’re kind enough to let you use the touch-tone phone to do it, instead of braving their voice recognition system). Then, on the 9th set, it always complains that it didn’t understand the last set of digits, until you’re forced to tell it to forward you to a human without finishing the automated input.

Then, since it didn’t . . . → Read More: Microsoft, Why Do You Treat Me Like A Pirate?

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KDE/Mac Snapshot, 2007-02-04

FYI, I put out a new KDE/Mac snapshot a few days ago. Nothing major other than refreshing with the latest SVN and adding oKular into the build. It looks like something’s wrong with plugin-loading, though, oKular can’t find any file plugins.

I’ll look into getting it fixed soon, and see if we can get oKular actually opening documents. 😉

I stand corrected, I must have run kbuildsycoca on one machine but started it up on another. =)

And to prove it…

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New KDE/Mac Build

So there was a little bitrot since my last packaging run in November, but I’ve finally managed to get a new KDE build done. If you’re downloading in pieces, Qt and kdesupport have been updated too, so make sure you grab them as well as whatever else you’re looking to install.

It looks like starting from the Finder works again, so my patches haven’t totally rotted, and one big new thing is working — input methods!

Unfortunately, SSL is still not happy, I’ve not had a chance to investigate yet. Otherwise, though, things are looking up. Please give them a shot and let me know if you run into any issues, and if you’re willing to help out, join us on irc, in #kde-darwin on freenode.

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2006-10-25 KDE/Mac Snapshot

It looks like some of the kde4 build issues have been fixed, I was able to complete an unassisted run of the KDE/Mac build. New binaries are up and Konqueror and other complex stuff runs again. Dirk is putting out a 3.80.2 Krash release too, and this will pretty closely correspond to that release. I’ll do another build when 3.80.2 is finalized.

There’s already 3 seeders, so feel free to give the torrents a shot and let me know how things work.

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KDE4/Mac Binaries

So I’ve finally gotten things pretty much set up for autobuilding KDE4/Mac packages. Universal packages for 10.4 are available here and I’m working on getting 10.3 packages put together as well. I’m still setting off the build process manually for now so I can watch it, but assuming things work out, they should start updating nightly sometime in the next few days. (Well… Assuming everything builds, of course.)

I’ve noticed there are some endianness issues with the png code, I need to figure out if it’s in libpng or somewhere higher up, but other than that, I was able to actually open Konqueror and browse around. Things are a little more stable than my last report a few months ago, so it looks like kde is moving in a generally forward direction. 🙂

If you have any questions, comments, whatever, please e-mail me or visit us on IRC.

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Out with a Bang, In with a Whimper

It’s funny how what should have been one of the greatest open-source PR moves since Netscape opened up the mozilla codebase instead feels like “too little, too late.”

Apple has announced Mac OS Forge, a project to do what OpenDarwin was already essentially created to do. It comes on the heels of months of bad PR about Apple failing to put out the X86 kernel source, and OpenDarwin shutting down due to a lack of communication between Apple and the open-source community and a lack of community involvement in general (other than a few specific exceptions like dports and WebKit).

For a company that’s done a great job of getting developers excited about their platform, this really shows they don’t understand the community they’re trying to get help from.

The most important thing you can give an open-source developer is the feeling that he’s doing something with impact; that he’s donating his time to something that others will appreciate and find useful. He wants to know that the work he’s doing goes, maybe not into the public domain, but into a world where everyone can stand on each other’s shoulders to . . . → Read More: Out with a Bang, In with a Whimper

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Updates since June 29th

There are quite a few updates since my last big post. Most notable are getting mono up-to-date (although monodevelop still doesn’t work), Ruby on Rails, and kde 3.5.4 (as of this post, it’s 10.4-only, my 10.3 build machine is still chugging through doing a final verification build, but it should be out in the next day or two).

actionmailer-rb: new package (for Ruby on Rails) actionpack-rb: new package (for Ruby on Rails) actionwebservice-rb: new package (for Ruby on Rails) activerecord-rb: new package (for Ruby on Rails) activesupport-rb: new package (for Ruby on Rails) amarok: updated to 1.4.1 (still no GStreamer engine…) boo: updated to cairo: updated to 1.2.0 cocoa-sharp: updated to 0.9.1 fastercsv-rb: new package (fast CSV parsing for Ruby) ferret-rb: new package (a port of the Lucene search engine to Ruby) gecko-sharp: updated to use firefox1.5 instead of firefox (1.0.x) gnupg and gnupg-idea: updated to 1.4.5 glitz: updated to 0.5.6 gst-plugins-bad-0.10: dependency fixes gst-plugins-base-0.10: updated to 0.10.9 gst-plugins-good-0.10: updated to a 0.10.4 snapshot (for updated OSX drivers) gst-plugins: dependcy fixes gstreamer-0.10: . . . → Read More: Updates since June 29th

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Qt 4.2 and kdesupport snapshots updated

I’ve updated my universal packages for Qt and kdesupport to handle the latest that’s going on in kdelibs trunk (the move to Qt 4.2 snapshots, D-Bus moving from kdesupport to Qt, etc.) You should be able to build kdelibs trunk with these packages, until things change again. 😉

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Qt 4.1.4 and kdesupport snapshots

If you haven’t checked lately, I’ve been updating my Qt and kdesupport installer packages pretty regularly. If you’re interested in trying out KDE4 development, all you need is the Qt and kdesupport packages here, and CMake (2.4.2 or higher).

Things are starting to settle down from the D-Bus move and it looks like things are building pretty well.

I’ve updated my continuous build systems so that they work again, you can track whether it currently builds on my G4 10.3 box or an intel iMac here.

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