KDE4 Progress

I’ve been making good progress on getting KDE 4.4 (release candidates) working. It’s been quite an interesting ride, in both a good and bad way. =)

First, there’s the fun of 10.6 making it even harder to have code that forks without it accidentally exploding on the CoreFoundation fork-without-exec prohibition. I was able to solve this with a combination of fixes from macports’ kdelibs4, and some of my own code which changes things to use low-level POSIX APIs instead of Qt APIs for some bounds-checking before execution.

Next, there’s the fun of Phonon. KDE 4.4 requires a newer version of Phonon than what ships with Qt (even Qt 4.6). On OSX it gets even hinkier, since the QuickTime plugin for Phonon requires private Qt headers, so the only sane way to build it is to build the Phonon included with Qt, rather than building it as a separate project.

I ended up adapting a patch the Kubuntu folks use to inject a modern Phonon into Qt 4.6. In the process, I finally got around to learning my way around Git (and gitorious), and have set up my own . . . → Read More: KDE4 Progress

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Updates Since Um… A Long Time Ago

I’ve been working on packages and catching up on quite a bit of stuff for a while now, but hadn’t gotten around to posting about it, so I guess it’s time to do so. 🙂

I’ve got some more coming down the line — a big reworking of the PostgreSQL packages (including 8.2) as well as a few other things. At that point, I should actually be reasonably caught up.

Big Updates:

KDE: finally got 3.5.5 out the door. Mostly just version bumps, although I did add some code to allow you to easily disable quartz-wm for clipboard synchronization (in some cases, folks were seeing quartz-wm hog memory with a huge leak). You can do so by adding export DISABLE_PROXY=1 in your .xinitrc before you run startkde. Mono: various Mono updates, including a number of compile fixes and stuff. Everything (but MonoDevelop, as always) works now on OSX. Yay!

Other Stuff:

amanith: new package (vector graphics library) amarok: updated to 1.4.4 commons-configuration: updated to 1.3 commons-digester: updated to 1.8 commons-discovery: updated to 0.4 commons-jxpath: new package (XPath interpreter) commons-lang: updated to 2.2 commons-modeler: updated . . . → Read More: Updates Since Um… A Long Time Ago

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Updates since June 29th

There are quite a few updates since my last big post. Most notable are getting mono up-to-date (although monodevelop still doesn’t work), Ruby on Rails, and kde 3.5.4 (as of this post, it’s 10.4-only, my 10.3 build machine is still chugging through doing a final verification build, but it should be out in the next day or two).

actionmailer-rb: new package (for Ruby on Rails) actionpack-rb: new package (for Ruby on Rails) actionwebservice-rb: new package (for Ruby on Rails) activerecord-rb: new package (for Ruby on Rails) activesupport-rb: new package (for Ruby on Rails) amarok: updated to 1.4.1 (still no GStreamer engine…) boo: updated to cairo: updated to 1.2.0 cocoa-sharp: updated to 0.9.1 fastercsv-rb: new package (fast CSV parsing for Ruby) ferret-rb: new package (a port of the Lucene search engine to Ruby) gecko-sharp: updated to use firefox1.5 instead of firefox (1.0.x) gnupg and gnupg-idea: updated to 1.4.5 glitz: updated to 0.5.6 gst-plugins-bad-0.10: dependency fixes gst-plugins-base-0.10: updated to 0.10.9 gst-plugins-good-0.10: updated to a 0.10.4 snapshot (for updated OSX drivers) gst-plugins: dependcy fixes gstreamer-0.10: . . . → Read More: Updates since June 29th

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KDE/X11 3.5.1 to Fink Unstable, Other Stuff

Lots has been going on since my last status update. Work has been continuing quickly on getting the 10.4 tree whipped into shape. In addition, I made a new script to manage the generation of my info files for various trees, so it’s a bit easier to keep things working between 10.3, 10.4-transitional, and 10.4. The big news is that I (finally) released KDE 3.5.1 to the unstable tree.

KDE: all of KDE has been updated to 3.5.1, also, some structural changes were made to the packages that should limit doxygen errors while building

PostgreSQL: many packaging bugfixes; also, updated PostGIS to 1.1.1

AGG (libagg): new package

DBus Qt3 bindings: new package

EKG: updated to 1.6 final

GeoIP: updated to 1.3.8

GPUtils: new package

GStreamer 0.8 (and plugins): updated to 0.8.12

Konversation: updated to 0.19

libmusicbrainz: updated to 2.1.2

libtunepimp: rearranged the 0.3.0 libtunepimp2 package, also released a 0.4.2 libtunepimp3 package

OpenEXR: updated to 1.2.2

Parallel BZip2: updated to 0.9.6

Poppler Qt3 bindings: updated to 0.5.0

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Fink, the 10.4 tree, and Intel

David Morrison’s been doing an incredible amount of work getting everything organized for a real 10.4/gcc4 tree (which should, in theory, work with the new intel macs). I’m finally getting around to starting to take a real look at getting my packages ready for such a beast. I’ve finished bootstrapping the 10.4 tree, and am now working my way through deps.

In the meantime, here’s my stuff that’s been updated since my last blog post.

Amarok: updated to 1.3.8 (also, released to the 10.3 tree)

GnuPG: took over maintainership, updated to 1.4.2

GStreamer 0.10: updated gstreamer-0.10, gst-plugins-base-0.10, gst-plugins-good-0.10, and gst-plugins-ugly-0.10 to the latest versions (0.10.2 for some, 0.10.1 for others, depending on what’s available) — this is the first time these packages have been released to the 10.3 tree, as well

Mono: updated to 1.1.13

Net::Jabber: initial release

Net::XMPP: initial release

Poppler: released a package for the Qt3 bindings

PostgreSQL: all PostgreSQL packages have been updated to their latest versions (7.3.13, 7.4.11, 8.0.6, and 8.1.2, respectively) — this includes finally getting the 8.1 packages up-to-speed and PostGIS at 1.1.0 (after some finicky trickery with their new build . . . → Read More: Fink, the 10.4 tree, and Intel

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Mono updated to 1.1.11 — MonoDevelop is working!!

Finally got MonoDevelop working again. Looks like the last hurdle was mozilla — for some reason, gecko-sharp (or mono 1.1.10/1.1.11, or something) was bombing with the mozilla 1.7.5 libraries. I’ve changed the dependencies to use firefox instead, and everything works. (Yay!)

Amarok: updated to 1.3.7, changed to allow the choice of backends: xine, gstreamer, or both

amrnb: new package, a speech codec used for mobile phones

Cocoa#: resurrected package, a Cocoa interface for Mono

Gecko#: updated to use firefox libraries instead of mozilla

GStreamer: new packages for GStreamer 0.10 (gstreamer, gst-plugins-base, gst-plugins-good, gst-plugins-ugly)

IKVM: updated to

libgdiplus: updated to 1.1.11

liboil-0.3: new package, a CPU optimization library

libsmoke: resurrected package, library for making Qt language bindings

Mono: updated to 1.1.11

MonoDevelop: updated to 0.9 — and it even works 😉

Mono Tools: updated to 1.1.11

MonoDoc: updated to 1.1.11

perl modules: updated a number of perl modules, cleaning up installation, as well as some version bumps:

DBI: updated to 1.49

Digest: updated to 1.14

IO::Stringy: updated to 2.110

MailTools: updated to 1.67

Mime-Tools: updated to 5.418

Net::Jabber: new package, version 2.0

Net::XMPP: new package, version . . . → Read More: Mono updated to 1.1.11 — MonoDevelop is working!!

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More Misc. Fink Updates

Been doing a lot more to catch up on my Fink packages (and updates to a few that aren’t mine) and have been working on getting KDE 3.4.2 cleaned up in unstable.

amarok: updated to 1.3.1

boo: updated to 0.6

bundle-kde*: lots of cleanups to fix upgrades

cairo: updated to 1.0

glitz: fixed a minor libtool library issue

gstreamer & gst-plugins: updated to 0.8.11, modernized dependencies (libshout2, etc.)

kde/koffice i18n: fixed download issues

kdeaddons3: made a kdeaddons3 package (which includes kpackage and a few other misc. utilities)

kdepim3: really fix the kaddressbook/kmail crash this time (by using gpgme’s pthread implementation, instead of pth)

libbonobo2 & libbonoboui2: updated to 2.10.1

libcapsinetwork: updated to 0.3.0 (to go along with monopd 0.9.3)

md5deep: new package, MD5/SHA1/etc. tool

monodevelop: fix building against Boo 0.6

monopd: updated to 0.9.3

pbzip2: multi-cpu-aware version of bzip2

system-openssl-dev: put some info in the package description on how to use it

Share on . . . → Read More: More Misc. Fink Updates

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Mono updated in Fink unstable

I’ve updated the Fink Mono packages, everything should be completely up-to-date now as far as Mono goes. If you see any problems with them at all, please let me know.

mono (1.1.7-1 to – open-source .Net implementation

updated to, environment cleanups

ecj (new package, 3.1) – the eclipse java compiler

boo ( to – .Net-based programming language

updated to 0.5.6, now depends on gtksourceview-sharp 2.0, environment cleanups

ikvm ( to – .Net-based Java implementation

updated to, environment cleanups

nant (0.85-0.rc3.1 to 0.85-1) – .Net build tool

environment cleanups, updated to use mono in –debug mode

mono-tools (new package, 1.0) – miscellaneous mono-related tools

monodevelop (0.7-21 to 0.7-22) – .Net IDE

updated to a 0.7 SVN snapshot, some dependency updates, and environment cleanups

monodoc (1.0.6-1 to 1.0.7-1) – documentation tools and browser

updated to 1.0.7, environment cleanups

mono-xsp (1.0.9-1 to 1.0.9-2) – .Net-based web server

environment cleanups

gtk-sharp (1.0.10-1 to 1.0.10-2) – .Net Gtk GUI interface (Gtk1)

got rid of the auto* junk, environment cleanups

gtk-sharp2 (1.9.5-1 to 2.3.90-1) – .Net Gtk GUI interface (Gtk2)

updated to 2.3.90, dep cleanups, environment cleanups, removed unnecessary patches

gecko-sharp (2.0-1 to 2.0-2) – .Net interface to . . . → Read More: Mono updated in Fink unstable

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Blog Death, Begone!

So I’ve been quiet, but lots has been going on. Here’s a little summary of the high points:

Building and testing packages for KDE 3.4.0. Some discussion has been going on about making stable versions of the Win32 and Qt/Mac ports of KDE a goal for KDE 4.0. Working on updating the Fink Mono packages to 1.1.4. Been doing lots of cool Fink (core) development, including Growl and QuickSilver support.

I’m sure there’s more I’m forgetting, but there’s definitely stuff going on. I’ve also submitted a proposal to speak at OSCON about Fink this year. I’ll know pretty soon whether it was accepted or not. The goal is to talk some about how Fink works, how to use it, and what’s been going on in the code base, now that we have some pretty regular contributors working on the Fink core.

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Mono 1.0.2 in 10.3

The latest Mono and friends seems to have fixed all the issues I ran into upgrading past 1.0. I also was able to release monodevelop for the first time (yay!).

cairo: updated with a small bugfix patch from the ximian linux packages gecko-sharp: remove references to ICU stuff when building gtk-sharp: split into gtk-sharp/gtk-sharp-monodoc to get around a bootstrapping issue, also updated to 1.0.2 gtksourceview-sharp: remove references to ICU stuff when building mono: updated to 1.0.2 monodoc: updated to 1.0.2 mono-xsp: re-released, now that it (mostly) runs again monodevelop: newly introduced; based on a 0.5.1 svn snapshot libgdiplus: updated to 1.0.2 libicuXX: updated to a package that provides the headers that go along with Apple’s libicucore.A.dylib, removed old libicuXX‘s since the only thing using it in fink is mono at the moment anyways

The only issues I’ve seen so far are minor. Mozilla currently does not build with X.org’s freetype (it’s too new). You’ll probably have to apt-get install mozilla-dev if you want gecko-sharp (and, by extension, monodevelop). Also, XSP runs, but some of the examples crash it. I’ve gotta get some decent bug reports to pass back to the XSP folks. Other than that I . . . → Read More: Mono 1.0.2 in 10.3

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