Just a Little Update

Had a good time at SCaLE — seemed like a lot of folks were interested in OpenNMS there. Of course, we found a bug in 1.3.10 as soon as it was out the door so I actually did another release during the conference. Fun!

Also fixed a long-standing bug with kdepim building on leopard; It should work now. If there are any other KDE3 build issues on Leopard, please let me know. I’m in the process of updating the packages to the upcoming 3.5.9 release.

Also, I see qt-copy is now a 4.4 snapshot so hopefully if I can get another snapshot build going, we’ll have native QuickTime audio. (woot)

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DBus autolaunch on Mac OS X

I’ve submitted some patches to D-Bus to allow it to auto-launch on Mac OS X. This should let me remove some completely awful and distribution-specific code from kdelibs.

It’s got a few quirks to work out, but on 10.5, it’s rockin’! Even scarier, I wrote C code. I think it might even be halfway decent C code. Time to look out, Armageddon is clearly happening any day now. 🙂

Oh, and as an aside, this is the first time I’ve actually had to break down and finally learn how to use Git, since that’s what dbus uses, and it’s friggin’ amazing. Lightning fast, and well-suited to sending patches upstream.

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Stats Junkie

If there’s one thing I know about people who are involved in network management, it’s that they’re stats junkies. Case in point. (Hah, I mean, how cool is it to poll the weather in OpenNMS…) I put that to the test in the last week, most definitely.

I got slashdotted (and ars technica’d, and dugg) a few days ago, and despite being under the weather, it fired me up to do 2 things.

First of all, it got me excited about working on KDE more. I had a great time at the KDE 4.0 release event and for the first time got strong feedback from KDE folks on what I’ve been working on. I got a little bit of that at aKademy but I also still felt quite a bit like the outsider there. This time around there were a number of people who gave me great feedback, encouragement, and all-around made me feel like a part of the community.

As a result, the thing I’d hoped would happen most after getting the press did happen — the kde-darwin IRC channel is hoppin’ with . . . → Read More: Stats Junkie

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It’s time, once again, to look into the future of KDE/Mac.

The future, Ranger Rick?

That’s right, dear reader. Let’s look to the future, all the way to the year 2000!

So, in preparation for working on becoming an officially-supported part of KDE, I’m starting to move “my” project information into someplace that makes it easier to get the community’s involvement.

First, I’ve gone ahead and moved the wiki stuff to KDE techbase.

Next up is starting to offer up the torrents on ftp.kde.org, but I need to get access to it again.

And hopefully soon, we can get a proper KDE mailing list set up, rather than the occasional post to kde-nonlinux.

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New KDE/Mac Snapshot

digg_url = ‘http://digg.com/xbox/KDE_Mac_4_0_Snapshots_Available’;

Just in time for the KDE release event (grin) — a new KDE/Mac snapshot is available. I will be demoing it at the release event, thanks to Google and the KDE release coordinators for arranging free lodging, and my employer, OpenNMS, for covering my travel!

On to info about the snapshots.

Qt is updated to 4.3.3, and my build tools have been updated to use the KDE 4.0 branch now that 4.0.0 has been tagged. This does mean that kdepim and kdevelop are no longer being built (for now). Also, I’m not building Amarok right now since it has some compile issues, and I need to get with the Amarok folks to figure out what to do about some architectural issues (no Plasma on OSX).

Nothing huge code-wise has changed from a Mac point of view, other than all of the general updates that have gone on in the KDE codebase since the last snapshot. It appears that kdeinit4 and kded4 both have some crashing issues related to something deep in Qt, I will be investigating it when time permits. . . . → Read More: New KDE/Mac Snapshot

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Good News, Everybody!

(No, it’s not a suppository.)

Trolltech has released phonon backends for GStreamer, DirectShow, and QuickTime/CoreAudio, and will be maintaining them in the KDE codebase!

I guess it’s time to start another build and see how Amarok sounds with nice CoreAudio output.

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OpenNMS 1.3.x on Mandriva

I’ve finished getting everything set up so that you can run OpenNMS on Mandriva Linux. It is now possible to install using URPMI with a minimum of fuss.

I’ve gotta say, it’s been a number of years since I’ve tried out Mandrake Mandriva, and it’s definitely grown from just a KDE-themed RedHat into a pretty sweet and polished Linux distribution.

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(Finally) New KDE/Mac Snapshot

So I’ve finally gotten a full KDE/Mac build done, and new snapshots are available.

The kdeaddons package went away, and QCA is now part of kdesupport (since they’ve gone on and done new development that isn’t compatible with current KDE trunk). I’ve done some spot-checking, and as always, things that are simple tend to work better — most of the kdegames stuff looks great as always.

Everything in KOffice is unfortunately failing with the error:

11/17/07 12:36:56 AM [0x0-0xb50b5].kspread[11258] ASSERT: “not isInitialized” in file /Users/ranger/cvs/kde-mac/source.build/koffice/libs/pigment/KoColorConversionSystem_p.h, line 70

I haven’t yet figured out why it’s happening yet, but expect an update once I do.

Amarok actually runs and plays music, although it inexplicably loses it’s menu bar completely, so there isn’t much else you can do with it. I suspect it might be the splash screen stuff confusing Qt, but I’m not positive.

BUT, the big news is that it actually works on Leopard too. 🙂 I’ve made an ugly patch that fixes the CoreFoundation fork/exec issue and I was able to open pretty much everything (well, everything that didn’t crash for other reasons… <grin>). . . . → Read More: (Finally) New KDE/Mac Snapshot

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Quick Update – KDE + Leopard

I’ve got a new kdelibs release for Fink (kdelibs3-unified 3.5.8-1023) which fixes the issue with the ~/.DCOPserver file having sub-directories in it, and also with starting up KUniqueApplications which wanted to fork. Please test it out and let me know how it works, and I’ll try to get it pushed to stable as soon as possible.

If you’re interested, the fix is to use _NSGetArgc() and _NSGetArgv() to pull out the arguments passed to the program, so that you can do a fork-and-exec afterwards (passing a flag to not fork the next time around).

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Fink + Leopard Potpourri

Just wanted to give a quick update on a mix of Fink and Leopard issues.

First of all, if you get the error, “Failed: Can’t fix GCC after Repair Permissions” it’s because the XCode installer decided not to bother erasing your /usr/sbin/gcc_select even though it shouldn’t be there anymore. It should be safe to erase it, but if that scares you, you can upgrade to 0.27.8 and your problem should go away as well… (Fink does not use gcc_select anymore on 10.5 as of 0.27.8.)

Also, people have been coming out of the woodwork hitting the OpenGL bug (“ld: cycle in dylib re-exports with /usr/X11R6/lib/libGL.dylib”) so I want to mention it here specifically for search engines to make it easier for people to find the fix.

The fix is to add the following line to your linker command: -Wl,-dylib_file,/System/Library/Frameworks/OpenGL.framework/Versions/A/Libraries/libGL.dylib:/System/Library/Frameworks/OpenGL.framework/Versions/A/Libraries/libGL.dylib

It should be a perfectly safe no-op on older Mac OS X releases, but makes sure that the XCode 3.0 linker doesn’t get confused and try to be too smart about finding the correct libGL.dylib.

I’ve also been trying to solve a new-on-leopard issue where . . . → Read More: Fink + Leopard Potpourri

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