(Finally) New KDE/Mac Snapshot

So I've finally gotten a full KDE/Mac build done, and new snapshots are available.

The kdeaddons package went away, and QCA is now part of kdesupport (since they've gone on and done new development that isn't compatible with current KDE trunk). I've done some spot-checking, and as always, things that are simple tend to work better -- most of the kdegames stuff looks great as always.

Everything in KOffice is unfortunately failing with the error:

11/17/07 12:36:56 AM [0x0-0xb50b5].kspread[11258] ASSERT: "not isInitialized" in file /Users/ranger/cvs/kde-mac/source.build/koffice/libs/pigment/KoColorConversionSystem_p.h, line 70

I haven't yet figured out why it's happening yet, but expect an update once I do.

Amarok actually runs and plays music, although it inexplicably loses it's menu bar completely, so there isn't much else you can do with it. I suspect it might be the splash screen stuff confusing Qt, but I'm not positive.

BUT, the big news is that it actually works on Leopard too. 🙂 I've made an ugly patch that fixes the CoreFoundation fork/exec issue and I was able to open pretty much everything (well, everything that didn't crash for other reasons... <grin>).

A few of the packages are still seeding from my 384kbit upstream system, so it might still be a little bit before they're all available, but please, as always, try them out, and post if you see any interesting issues.

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7 comments to (Finally) New KDE/Mac Snapshot

  • Biscuit

    Thanks for this 🙂
    Base packages are done, couple of hours till Amarok/kdegames so I’ll post about how they run when I get there.

  • It seems that the seed ratio of the kde-mac-everything package is below 1.0, is it possible to bring the whole file up again?

  • Ranger Rick

    I have a slow connection at home where I do my builds; it’s not 1.0 yet because I haven’t finished seeding it out to my fast servers out on the Intarweb(TM).
    I have to run to work now, but I should be able to finish seeding it once I get to work, today.

  • Nico

    I found this page while googling for “fork exec mac os x”. Can you provide some background information on this? Is there official documentation? If I understand your patch correctly, after you’ve called fork you _have_ to re-exec() yourself to make Corefoundation happy. Can you confirm this?
    Thanks 🙂

  • Nico

    Nevermind, it’s “documented” right here: http://developer.apple.com/documentation/Darwin/Reference/ManPages/man2/fork.2.html . Sorry for the noise.

  • Hi Rick,
    Thanks for the great work making KDE run on OS X. I’m really keen on trying out Krita for my photo editing needs, so I’m disappointed to hear that “all of KOffice” is broken. Did you ever resolve that bug? Also, is there any way to try Krita without downloading 1.5GB of torrents and installing all of KDE/KOffice on my poor laptop drive that only has 4GB free? (And I thought the 100MB for MacGimp was excessive…)
    BTW, I’m having some problems with downloading the torrents. I got 98% of koffice but now it’s gone dead (0 peers). I also can’t connect to http://ranger.users.finkproject.org/kde anymore. I get “Unable to forward this request at this time”. I aborted the qt download since it was only limping along at 12KB/s! Can I just use the Qt/Mac from Trolltech?