KDE 4.2.1 in Fink

Yes, that's right, a post to my blog that isn't about OpenNMS. 😉

As you can tell, I've been pretty busy having fun hacking on OpenNMS lately. While I have been keeping up with my Fink work to some extent, one major thing was still looming: finally getting all the work I did on KDE/Mac released in Fink, now that things have stabilized.

If you've been watching the commits for the last few months, you've seen the beginnings of that work. Updates to Qt, releases of support things like strigi and soprano... The big hurdle was getting D-Bus in a state where it plays well with KDE/Mac. After some initial hiccoughs, the D-Bus updates have been released to Fink now, and seem to be working well for people.

Today, I released the base packages for KDE 4.2.x into fink: kdelibs4, kdepimlibs4, and kdebase4.

Because of the cross-platform nature of KDE, I've released them in 2 variants: mac and x11, so you can run konqueror as an X11 app, or as a mac app. 🙂

Some things will only be present in one or the other, for various reasons (X11-specific features, etc.) One thing that will be in the X11 variant that is not there now is kdebase-workspace, so no plasma desktop as of yet. I've built it, but it doesn't act right currently, so I'm waiting to release until it's in a usable state.

This is still early test stuff, so if you run into issues with it, please feel free to let me know and I'll see what I can do.

I can't thank enough Orville Bennett and the other KDE/Mac folks. They have picked up the early work I did on porting and ran with it, helping polish it into a nice, buildable, and solid set of code while I was on my "hiatus" from KDE packaging. 🙂 They have done a lot of great work in helping bring native mac KDE from "freakish mutant" to "used every day by KDE developers."

In the coming weeks I hope to get more of the base KDE packages done. I'm in the testing phase for koffice, amarok, kdeartwork, and a couple of others, and working my way through packaging more. I'll post as I get anything interesting.

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3 comments to KDE 4.2.1 in Fink

  • John

    So is the recommended or preferred install method now Fink, or MacPorts, or the standalone packages from mac.kde.org? It’s all a bit confusing to a Mac newbie like me 🙂

  • Benjamin Reed

    Dunno if there’s a “recommended” way — the macports packages are a little more out-of-date I think, but more complete (more stuff packaged).
    The goal, once the packaging is done, is to get together and try to get everything working with CPack, which would bring native installer .dmg packages back into the mix, too.

  • Klaas Gadeyne

    I don’t know wether this is the appropriate place (should I use fink-users?), but I (macbook, os x 10.4.11, latest fink) get some link errors while trying to build qt4-mac
    /usr/bin/ld: warning can’t open dynamic library: /sw/lib/qt4-mac/lib/phonon.framework/Versions/4/phonon referenced from: /sw/src/fink.build/qt4-mac-4.5.0-3/qt-copy/lib/QtWebKit.framework/QtWebKit (checking for undefined symbols may be affected) (No such file or directory, errno = 2)
    /usr/bin/ld: warning can’t open dynamic library: /sw/lib/qt4-mac/lib/QtDBus.framework/Versions/4/QtDBus referenced from: /sw/src/fink.build/qt4-mac-4.5.0-3/qt-copy/lib/QtWebKit.framework/QtWebKit (checking for undefined symbols may be affected) (No such file or directory, errno = 2)
    /usr/bin/ld: Undefined symbols:
    Phonon::createPath(Phonon::MediaNode*, Phonon::MediaNode*)referenced from QtWebKit expected to be defined in /sw/lib/qt4-mac/lib/phonon.framework/Versions/4/phonon
    Phonon::AudioOutput::setMuted(bool) referenced from QtWebKit expected to be defined in /sw/lib/qt4-mac/lib/phonon.framework/Versions/4/phonon
    Phonon::AudioOutput::setVolume(double)referenced from QtWebKit expected to be defined in /sw/lib/qt4-mac/lib/phonon.framework/Versions/4/phonon