OpenNMS 1.5.94/1.5.95/1.5.96 Released

After a few issues with an annoying poller bug and some cross-site scripting issues that ended up triggering a series of quick releases over just a few days, things are settling down again in the wake of the OpenNMS 1.5.94-1.5.96 releases.

Let me start by saying, holy crap we fixed a lot of bugs, and we're on track to get 1.6 out the door in the next month or so. There's only a few bugs left, and we're pretty much 100% focused on finishing those off.

For the first time in a while, this is more than just a suggested update, since a number of cross-site security issues were fixed. If you're running anything in the OpenNMS 1.3.x or 1.5.x series, it is very strongly recommended that you upgrade to 1.5.96.

As always, feedback is encouraged, please let us know if you run into issues, awesomeness, or anything inbetween. 😉

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