OpenNMS 1.5.94 Coming

So I'm getting really excited about the next OpenNMS release on the road to 1.6. We've got over 100 more bugs closed since 1.5.93, and only 22 left before we can release a 1.6 release candidate. We're holding off on 1.5.94 because of a rather interesting bug that can cause strange outage results for nodes not using the "critical service" functionality. Matt's worked out a unit test for it, so hopefully we'll have it wrapped up shortly and get the release out this week.

That said, if you're interested in helping us wrap up the bug-search for 1.6, feel free to try out the "1.6 testing" snapshot RPMs by following the yum installation instructions for the "testing" release and giving it a shot, and open a bug if you find any issues.

One of the big blockers holding up a real release is consolidating the installation documentation in one place, be it the wiki, or the out-of-date install guide. If you have suggestions on things that could be clearer for installation, configuration, or anything else, please open a bug! At this point OpenNMS is pretty solid, it's arguably more important to get documentation cleared up where it's confusing.

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