KDE 3.5.9 in Fink Unstable

Now that KDE 3.5.9 is out, I've updated all of the Fink KDE/X11 packages to match it. Nothing new specific to Mac OS X or Fink, just a version bump with some bugfixes and a significantly updated kdepim.

It also includes a few things that are updated to understand Chris's new libflac package.

As always, let me know if you run into any issues.

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1 comment to KDE 3.5.9 in Fink Unstable

  • skierpage

    Thanks for your work, I updated the techbase page.
    Clicking any of your tags displays an error web page with
    Movable Type
    An error occurred
    Publishing results failed: Can’t find included template module ‘Header’
    Also, if I preview, the Captcha isn’t on the next page, and so when I submit it fails. And if I click back, my Name and Email are gone from the form.