OpenNMS 1.3.3 On the Way

So we're in the process of trying to get OpenNMS 1.3.3 out the door. There are still a few bugs that are considered blockers but for the most part trunk is looking pretty nice.

One of the big things that's getting a lot of attention is packaging. I've autoconf-ized iplike and we're going to do other work to get all of the native code out of the main java build as much as possible. Not all of that can happen in the 1.3.3 timeframe, but at the least we want to chop things up so there's only a single opennms RPM, and then platform-specific packages for only the native code.

That should make updates considerably easier, and open up the door for nightly builds and other spiffy stuff. W00t!

Also, a reminder: I'm going to be in San Francisco this week, at WWDC. See you there!

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