The Beard

So I'm going to veer away from Mac stuff for a sec.

I went to a Carolina Hurricanes game late in the regular season with my fianceé, mom, and aunt, and I got totally hooked (we've already got season tickets for the next season). The Hurricanes made it to the playoffs, and I heard about the tradition of not shaving until you win (or you're eliminated).

Now, I've had facial hair in some form pretty much continuously since junior high, I'm all about not having to shave. Not to pass up yet another excuse not to shave, I thought "what the heck, I can grow a playoff beard!"

The Hurricanes went right to the end, and won the Stanley Cup this year! In the process, I managed to grow a nice substantial amount of facial hair. Of course, I couldn't let that much hair just pass without having a little fun with it...

So I present to you: Operation: Playoff Beard!

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3 comments to The Beard

  • I did the playoff beard as well this year – it got fairly thick by the time we lifted the Cup! Of course, I’m _not_ a facial hair guy, so I shaved it the next morning. 🙂 Much to my daughter’s consternation, though. She still says “Daddy, I liked your beard – will you grow it again?”
    I’m splitting a season ticket in section 328 next year.

  • Hmm…you kinda had a Wolverine thing going there for a bit – I don’t think “mutton chops” have been in for a while though 🙂