Fink, the 10.4 tree, and Intel

David Morrison's been doing an incredible amount of work getting everything organized for a real 10.4/gcc4 tree (which should, in theory, work with the new intel macs). I'm finally getting around to starting to take a real look at getting my packages ready for such a beast. I've finished bootstrapping the 10.4 tree, and am now working my way through deps.

In the meantime, here's my stuff that's been updated since my last blog post.

  • Amarok: updated to 1.3.8 (also, released to the 10.3 tree)

  • GnuPG: took over maintainership, updated to 1.4.2

  • GStreamer 0.10: updated gstreamer-0.10, gst-plugins-base-0.10, gst-plugins-good-0.10, and gst-plugins-ugly-0.10 to the latest versions (0.10.2 for some, 0.10.1 for others, depending on what's available) -- this is the first time these packages have been released to the 10.3 tree, as well

  • Mono: updated to 1.1.13

  • Net::Jabber: initial release

  • Net::XMPP: initial release

  • Poppler: released a package for the Qt3 bindings

  • PostgreSQL: all PostgreSQL packages have been updated to their latest versions (7.3.13, 7.4.11, 8.0.6, and 8.1.2, respectively) -- this includes finally getting the 8.1 packages up-to-speed and PostGIS at 1.1.0 (after some finicky trickery with their new build system)

  • XML::Stream: initial release

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