Blog Death, Begone!

So I've been quiet, but lots has been going on. Here's a little summary of the high points:

  • Building and testing packages for KDE 3.4.0.
  • Some discussion has been going on about making stable versions of the Win32 and Qt/Mac ports of KDE a goal for KDE 4.0.
  • Working on updating the Fink Mono packages to 1.1.4.
  • Been doing lots of cool Fink (core) development, including Growl and QuickSilver support.

I'm sure there's more I'm forgetting, but there's definitely stuff going on. I've also submitted a proposal to speak at OSCON about Fink this year. I'll know pretty soon whether it was accepted or not. The goal is to talk some about how Fink works, how to use it, and what's been going on in the code base, now that we have some pretty regular contributors working on the Fink core.

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11 comments to Blog Death, Begone!

  • Carlos

    Hi, I am interested in the patches to build KDE on
    mac without X11, can you tell how to get read
    access to your svn server? (I am new to svn).

  • Marc

    Where can we download KDE for Mac OS X witout X11 ?

  • Mic

    And what about KDE packages for Mac OS X ???
    There are no updates for 1 year now !
    Not anyone can built from source …
    Thank you.

  • As I’ve said many times here before, KDE/Mac is my lowest priority, over keeping Fink and other things working.
    KDE (and all the other things I maintain in Fink) work *right now* in X11, and having things work for all of the people using it right now is more important than playing with making it work in new ways. It’s on my TODO list, but it’s after all the other stuff I need to fix. 🙂

  • zpok

    Hello Ranger,
    I can only respect your choice of priorities, but as before I would offer an idea that would go miles and miles if done well (imo):
    Is it possible to make a KDE Office package that would be OS X native? Maybe some other programmers would like to work on this? It might even be a good commercial move, in the sense that the shipping or downloading of installer CD’s/images (with source included) could generate enough revenue for maintenance?
    I’m sure all X11/Fink users are very glad with the work you do, and I at least get to enjoy your blog whatever your priorities, but if you’d like to see lots and lots of new converts to FOSS the only answer is to go native.

  • It is possible, and is the exact same thing the others are asking for, making the KDE base libraries native is a prereq to making KOffice native.

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  • doobi

    Does current KOffice build natively on mac? Does anyone have a binary of that (it’s painful to build anything on iBooks…), I don’t care if it’s Alpha quality, it can’t be worse than NeoOffice and there’s NFW that I’m gonna touch MS Office again…

  • bernd

    You can certainly use the binaries posted here. They do work on most tasks. I actually like working with KOffice. Only thing is that I switched to Latex cause its more effective. No icons, no nothing.

  • Erlend

    Please add me to the list of people asking for a new KDE/Mac.
    Before buying my mac two years ago, I used Linux for over five years, but even so I must admit that I much prefer having the KDE programs native, and in fact, I dont use the X11 versions, because X11 takes long to start and integrates poorly.
    Of course the great thing about open source is that you decide what to do, not your “customers”, so all I can say is thank you, and I hope that someday you will get time to finish KDE/Mac

  • KDE 4 MAC -> still waiting

    Vor über einem Jahr gab es mal ein Installationspacket, um einen kompletten Satz KDE-Applikationen auf einem MAC unter OSX mit Aqua laufen zu lassen. OK, es der Start war zwar langsam, aber diese Fülle von Open Source Applikationen, die voll in die genial