Bits of KOffice work now!
KSpread KWord
KPresenter has a couple of draw issues but looks great in the full-screen mode.
IceFox figured out the Qt/Mac theming issue (whooo!), and KOffice compiled insanely easy. The only real modification that needed to be done was replacing some x11-specific DPI references.
Happy New Year! <grin>
[Update:] I've been getting slashdotted and macslashed and osnews'd like crazy, and I see a lot of references to "Benjamin Reed has done such-and-such". While I appreciate the attention (and I certainly have done a lot of work on this), and my blog has generally been a focus for tracking what's happening, I'd like to point out that I'm not the only one that has made this happen...
Benjamin Meyer (IceFox) has been doing a lot of work on getthing things working too, and a number of other people have been helping out building stuff, not to mention I would never have gotten this far without tons of help on the Qt/X11 port that laid the groundwork. This is a group effort, so feel free to join in. =)

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55 comments to KOffice

  • Chris

    I want! I want! I want!
    Good work. You rock!

  • Jeremy Petzold

    WOW!!! you have totally moved on this.
    will it be available as a .DMG app folder type program or will we have to install a lot of packages to get it to work like on Linux?
    also…I was wondering if you plan to port Kate using your other work? Koffice and Kate…what else do you need to be happy πŸ™‚

  • Benjamin Meyer got Kate working, I believe it’s in a screenshot on the wiki.

  • Anon

    The idea that Mac users will most likely have KOffice, Quanta, Scribus, KMail, Konqueror and KDevelop available natively in the near future is fantastic.
    You rock. πŸ™‚

  • I’m so happy to see somebody doing this!!!! Especially if Kexi follows – but even just having Kword would be awesome.

  • Doug

    Happy New Year, Indeed…
    It’s shaping up to be a very exciting start to ’04!
    Thanks for all the hard work. Seriously.

  • Incredible work! You go girl!

  • InstantGlΓΌck

    Thanks a lot.

  • thank you thank you thank you.

  • Chris

    thanks…thanks a lot!
    I had other plans for my weekend but now…..I have to build all these new toys! Just kidding! It is amazing how fast things are coming now….

  • jose_g

    May I suggest that Krusader should be next? It’s a very intuitive file manager in MidnightCommander or TotalCommander style and I think it’s something which is still missing in MacOSX…

  • jose_g

    …oh, and one more thing – K3B!!! It’s one of the best CD burning Open Source applications and I think it should be ported as well. It would be good to have this too because I personally think that Toast (and other MacOSX software of this) type sucks.

  • Wow, you are so the man…
    BTW i’m a graphic designer, while i know nothing of unix coding or such, if you need any help redesigning the widgets and such get in touch i’d love to help in any way possible.

  • OSX User

    WOW, Thank you so much!
    You have done the first steps, now let us hope that the community will help you to run it perfect πŸ˜‰

  • Eddie

    Kudos to the K Krowd!
    Being a mac user is getting better each year =)

  • Tim

    Wonderful work!
    I look forward to reading your progress, and to the KOffice OSX release!!!
    Keep up the great work, and happy new year!

  • Barcher

    Wow, I am definately impressed!!! You really got moving on this!!

  • Chris

    There have been rumours that Apple is working on a new word processor. Could it be based on KWord? Safari uses Konqueror’s rendering engine, so it isn’t out of the question.

  • Matt

    Thank you for your great work.

  • Chris C

    well I have started following the directions in the wiki…
    I can’t get fixosxbits.sh to run at all. It either tells me permission denied or command can not be found.
    any advise?

  • Damn – that was a fast jump from Konqueror to KOffice. Fantastic work!!

  • You guys rock hardcore. Mind if I put in a request for Kopete? Somebody on slashdot was nice enough to introduce me to it, and OS X needs a good IM client.

  • ME

    OK, so did I miss the link as to where to gain access to this work? I would like to try it out.

  • Mac Doodles

    I just want to say thanks for the hard work that goes into this stuff. Having these tools available on the Mac is going to be great!
    Down with Microsoft!

  • Always nice to see energy and enthusiasm for OS X. I use Office X, NeoOffice, and OOo and so far, Office X appears to run the smoothest on native OS X and the other two are very slow. I look forward to your ports. Competition is always good in my book. Keeps all of us on our toes πŸ™‚

  • Richard

    I hate to be a spoil-sport but KofOffice is UGLY. Yes, you get it to work, but no one will want this eyesore on their desktop.
    Please take advantage of the designer’s offer (above) and make the GUI more pleasing. Otherwise it’s just another ugly microsoft product clone. Who cares?

  • Adam

    Great job! I’m not a Mac user, but I think this should be a good think for Koffice and KDE in general. Hopefully this will get more developers interested in these projects and the benefits will spill back over into Linux and BSD communities.

  • Nice!!! It’s nice to see more alternatives coming to Mac OS X especially from KDE. Good work guys!
    Though I don’t get this people thinking it’s “ugly” thing. The interface doesn’t actually look that bad and I think most Mac users would think that way too. Obviously the interface and the widgets need a little bit of tinkering, but they don’t look that bad. Just give it time already.
    Personally I’d use Koffice right now if I could. Obviously it’s going to have some bugs in it, but it’s just now working, no application that I wrote did people expect the interface to be perfect right away.
    This is a very good thing to see KDE apps coming to Mac OS X, I appreciate the work guys. Maybe when I get my 15″ Powerbook G4 I’ll make an effort to start becoming involved and help you guys fix bugs though Im so used to Cocoa/Objective-C and im still trying to go though more Qt/C++ tutorials. I especially like that the apps now have a Mac OS X look & feel to them. Will Konqueror get this look very soon ? Also how long do you guys roughly estimate it will take before we see a release ? Keep up the good work!

  • Colin, I’m with ya.
    It’s not like we don’t know about the HIG, it’s just that we only got things to *run* in the last week or two. Tweaking look and feel is still a long way off (Not to mention we’re using a Qt beta. Some of it could be just the fault of incomplete Qt code.) If we were writing new code, it would be easy to start out fitting into the HIG, but since we’re starting from existing code written for X11, we’ll have to work up to it.
    Making it fit in better is certainly on the TODO, but the first goal is to make it functional. So people, chill. πŸ˜‰

  • wcx

    Could you post your light bulb desktop picture somewhere for us?

  • KOffice for Mac OS X

    In case you missed it on Slashdot (or you just don’t care because you either hate Macs or you aren’t that big of a nerd), KOffice now runs natively on OS X. There’s also anOpenOffice.org 1.0 port for OS X (X11 required)…

  • switching to KDE

    Since switching to Linux (about three years ago) I have been mostly using Gnome as my GUI of choice because that is what the people around me were using so…

  • holy shit!
    you have GOT! to setup a paypal “sponsor now!” button..
    I for one intend to invest the value of my next upgrade in Office Automation software..
    from: MS Office X
    to: Koffice X

  • Chris

    The native KDE ports have been a lot of work for those involved. I have been lucky enough to help test some of the stuff and its amazing how far its gotten,

  • Russell Gordon

    I’m with Dez… I would like to donate directly to the team of programmers working on bringing KOffice to OS X.
    Where can I do this?

  • Chew On That, OpenOffice

    Tales of the Racoon Fink via Slashdot informs us that a native version of KOffice is in the works, coming along very nicely. Since I really hated running OpenOffice on X11, this is kinda cool. It’s really nice to have

  • For those wanting to donate, I feel a bit weird asking for paypal or something, but if you’d like, you can send me something from my amazon wishlist:
    Benjamin Meyer has a contribution page for his software too:

  • Hermann Lago

    Please, keep working. And congratullations for your excellent work

  • Miles

    Excellent work! This is very exciting indeed!
    Any ideas on how internationalization/localization Γ  la Mac OS X fits into the K ports? I’m not a programmer, but I’d be more than happy to pitch in with localizations in French.

  • KDE is already heavily localized (see http://i18n.kde.org/) but I haven’t had the chance to see how well it works with Qt/Mac yet. I know that’s a big deal (especially since people are pretty pissed about MS Office’s missing hebrew support) so it’s something I’m interested in finding out about.
    I speak only english though, so I can only give it a cursory test. =)

  • dietsoda

    This really is great news, especially with the delay of Open Office for Mac/Aqua. I’ve found KOffice to be quite capable and appropriate for most Word users, and using it under x11 it’s meant that I’ve only had to buy/install MS Word on one of my machines.
    This could really help Apple out too. If/when MS do kill Office for Mac, then not only will Apple be able to unveil iWrite (or whatever), but they’ll also be able to point at a handful of capable and free alternatives already available. Hooray!

  • Nightly Link Dump

    Bits of KOffice working on OS X News – Chimaira Drummer Andols Comments On Departure ( Metal Underground . com ) News – Slipknot On Percussion ( Metal Underground . com ) News – Chimaira Replaces Drummer With Soilwork’s ( Metal Underground . com ) DRE…

  • Hodag

    What works, works great! What doesn’t, doesn’t…
    This is just so cool. Thanks for releasing the binaries so the rest of us can see exactly what you guys have pulled off!
    For the love of God, beat Office 2004 to the gate!!!

  • Lee Arthur

    Tooo Coool!
    I can’t wait to FINALLY get rid of Excel …. one of my last Microsoft dependencies in my life.
    Don’t eat. Don’t sleep. Just port, PORT, and PORT some more….
    Set-up a PayPal button and you won’t have to go back to work at your day job πŸ™‚

  • Milo

    This is *really* great news. I’ve been using ThinkFree Office to avoid MS but KOffice looks to offer so much more.
    That sais, I’d love to get this working but I’m no technocrat. I’ve got Fink installed. I’ve installed KOffice for Mac. Apps won’t launch. They jump in the dock 4-5 times a launch then shut down. What else is necessary?
    I’d love the help. Thanks.

  • Did you install all of the other dependencies listed on the binary page?

  • Milo

    I’m new to all this Benjamin. Which ones do I need to install specifically? Thanks for the help.

  • You are looking at http://kde.opendarwin.org/ right? It says:
    You must install at least the qt, kdesupport, arts, and kdelibs packages. Then, you can install any packages you want on top of those.

  • wow.
    i am most impressed.
    i just installed everything from the .mpkg located at kde.opendarwin.org
    i can’t believe how much stuff is working (to some degree or another)
    i have a (probably stupid question)….
    i don’t see an install log anywhere.
    what’s the easiest way to uninstall things?
    i’m assuming i can just trash the .apps i don’t want to hang on to, but are there othere things i should be looking at?
    and BTW,
    thanks for all the awesome work!

  • osxguy129

    Please post a wild guess as to when you think this port will be finished.

  • Great Job KDE team as an avid KDE and OS X user I like to see your version of office running on my mac as well.
    Long live open source πŸ™‚

  • Anonymous

    I’d really love to see these “so commented” apps to Mac OS X. So I could do the last thing with my MS Office apps, throw them to the trash πŸ™‚

  • Anonymous

    I’d really love to see these “so commented” apps to Mac OS X. So I could do the last thing with my MS Office apps, throw them to the trash πŸ™‚

  • Er, have you considered following the links in the blog entry?