Lies, Damn Lies, and Shipping Dates

So my new powerbook is on the way. I've already got a buyer for the old one. With the hardware discount I get from ADC, I'm paying almost nothing to upgrade, which is nice. But the ordering process has proved one irrefutable fact: Airborne Express sucks!
To make sure I'd get it before the weekend, I payed the extra $10 to get it shipped 2-day. Apple shipped my powerbook on the 22nd, apparently from Taipei, Taiwan. It came air to the US, and then Airborne Express picked it up. I called them to make sure it was coming today, since they don't have anything on their tracking page, and Airborne Express apparently didn't count the shipping date until they picked it up in the US! Both Apple and Airborne Express show it leaving Taipei on the 22nd.
Check it out, here are the invoice and the tracking page:
Apple Web Invoice Airborne Express Tracking
While I will get it before the weekend, I'm still pissed. How does the 25th translate into 2 days?!?

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5 comments to Lies, Damn Lies, and Shipping Dates

  • Desperado

    Booohooo. I can’t believe this made it to Macsurfer.
    We’re talking about 1 day here, not 1 week. Quit complaining and wasting everyones time and bandwidth.

  • Well, as I’d never heard of macsurfer before today, you can hardly blame me for them linking this. This is just my personal blog, I don’t make editorial decisions for link aggregators. You’re the one wasting my bandwidth by posting, anyways… =)
    It’s not like I’m gonna die, but I’m certainly annoyed that I payed extra for 2-day shipping and it’s not 2 days.

  • Desperado, why don’t you come to your senses? Ben’s been waitin’ for his ‘Book for so long now.

  • I had the same problem not long ago – paid for 2nd day, took 4 to get here. I had to pick it up at the station due to the fact that though I requested it be left without sig, they wouldn’t leave it at the door. Nothing as pricey as a Powerbook either.

  • Platy

    Let me make you feel better. I ordered mine and it is arriving from Taiwan as well. Airborne hasn’t picked it up from customs. So no way it’s going to get here before the weekend for me. At least you have a chance.
    The Waiting Platypus!