New PostgreSQL Fink Packages

I just reworked all the PostgreSQL packages for Fink, I'm doing some testing and then I'll release them to unstable. Here's the commit message:

postgresql 7.3.3 -- LOTS of fixes
- Fixed postinstall to remove the old entries for "pgsql" (now that the
user is "postgres" instead).
- Totally reworked the packages to get rid of "postgresql73" (it should
safely upgrade over).  postgresql73-shlibs and postgresql73-dev (and
their SSL counterparts) still exist for compatibility and upgrade
reasons, but there's no longer 2 different "PostgreSQL database server"
entries for you to decide from.
- Perl and Python support has no been properly implemented to do packages
for all currently supported versions of each.
- Python modules were fixed to build properly as bundles again.  This still
needs testing from someone with more python-fu.
- The SSL packages were re-written by copying the non-SSL ones, so they
should be identical except for SSL dependencies and descriptions now.
All in all, it's just *much* cleaner.  Yay!  Now it's time for some deep
testing, then release to unstable.

If you're feeling adventurous, please try them out!

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2 comments to New PostgreSQL Fink Packages

  • A little off topic, but I’m sure you like to hear that you got mentioned on due to a special event you’ll surely like as well. 😉

  • Edward OBrien

    I am trying to intstall GRASS and im running into a postgresql73 dependencie problem, even though postgresql is now at a higher vesrion number. Any help would be apreciated
    “WARNING: While resolving dependency “postgresql73 (>= 7.3.2-7)” for package “grass-
    5.0.2-3”, package “postgresql73” was not found.
    WARNING: While resolving dependency “postgresql73-ssl (>= 7.3.2-7)” for package
    “grass-5.0.2-3”, package “postgresql73-ssl” was not found.
    Failed: Can’t resolve dependency “postgresql73 (>= 7.3.2-7) | postgresql73-ssl (>=
    7.3.2-7)” for package “grass-5.0.2-3″ (no matching packages/versions found)”