Qt/Mac and KDE

So it looks like Sam Magnuson from Trolltech got much of KDE building on Qt/Mac, we're working on getting our patches coordinated right now. Check out the screenshots:
Konqueror Kontact Kproductivity Kword, KPresenter

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20 comments to Qt/Mac and KDE

  • cool! So if I may be so bold as to ask…. when can we expect to see some kind of binaries?
    I downloaded the QT/Mac trial thingy and was thinking about playing around with attempting some KDE porting (suicidally fearless and bored), but could not get an answer from the KDE developers list on what the minimum requirements were to run koffice….
    so I am really looking forward to seeing this thing run

  • LGPL/GPL binaries built against a proprietary license are not distributable at this point, so it won’t be anytime soon, sorry.

  • chrisc

    well that would make sense….
    if they are in the roll your own catagory do you think that they would build against the demo version of QT for Mac?
    Frankly I am not shelling out the cash that they want for a license for QT just for my own usage in porting stuff for me… I can’t write code to save my life but I can follow instructions and make a couple of guesses based upon things I have seen previously..
    mainly I would like to build this for my girlfriend… she thinks all the X windows apps load to slow and was not impressed with the build of NeoOffice I did for her (and neither was I although better then flamingyeti in responsiveness the drawing issues are distracting but pretty good for a mule), so I was thinking Koffice would do the trick. Appleworks is what she is using now but she has outgrown it bigtime (plus it is getting odd itself), and she has almost an alergic reaction to MS….
    thanks for any advice

  • You might want to look at OpenOffice.org as well. They have a port for Apple X11.

  • Qt for OS X

    Very cool news: Trolltech will release a version of Qt/Mac, its cross-platform GUI builder, next week. What that means is that I’ll be able to run KDE applications natively – so KWord, for instance, looks like a Mac app, not…

  • VRic

    If one is willing to use X11, then KDE already works there(point and click installation from binaries in Fink Commander).
    But it’s currently very slow (non-KDE apps launch in a matter of seconds in X11, but KDE apps may take minutes, they run OK afterwards). I remember a similar issue was addressed in YellowDog Linux 2.3, but there doesn’t seem to be a simple update for KDE/X11.

  • MasonMcD

    What’s the issue with the text in buttons being off? Is that a known bug?

  • chrisc

    already using OO for X11 for myself but like I said the GF just hates how long ANY of the X11 apps takes to load.. she is not known for he patience.
    well now that they have released a GPL version of QT for the Mac we might actually see double click installable binaries in the not so far off.

  • Shoshannah Forbes

    As I am looking for a decent office suite that can support Hebrew on mac osx (OpenOffice is too far behind on mac to be an option), I just finished compiling QT/Mac.
    Now, anyone know where to get the patches to get kde to compile properly against it?
    Those screen shots look great, and look like what I want to do is possible…

  • People, chill out! That was a proof-of-concept, at least give me a couple of days to try it out. 🙂

  • alvinissimo

    What’s gonna happen to the KDE dock? Is it going away?

  • Frank

    Where do I have to look if I want to know when the first alpha/beta of KOffice using qt/mac becomes availble? Here?

  • Adam

    I think the diffs are in the directory link listed: ie
    @Dear all,
    I too would like to find binaries of these applications… where will they appear? This page seems to be the only place I can find any reference.
    (I’m in the same position where my wife, and i :), are allergic to MS and my wife finds OpenOffice a little too X Windows and Appleworks a little too 90’s.)
    Cheers in advance,

  • Just an update since people keep posting here and don’t necessarily look at my main blog page, here’s what’s going on.
    1. I’ve been working over the last week to get all of my KDE-on-MacOSX-on-X11 patches back into mainline. Most of these patches will affect the Qt/Mac build as well (they’re not really specific to X11, just general mac-related build fixes). I have one last admin/ patch that needs going in, and a few other misc bits in kdelibs, and a bunch of patches still for kdebase, but it’s manageable.
    2. Once at least kdelibs and kdebase are buildable out of CVS without needing patches, Sam (Magnuson) is gonna be working on bringing his patches up-to-date with current CVS. They currently don’t apply cleanly, and even after attempting to rework them, there are still issues with the 4 months of changes that have occurred since he did his initial work. While he’s doing that I’ll be working on merging the rest of my stuff (kdeartwork/kdeedu/etc.) into KDE CVS.
    3. THEN there will be a chance for binaries. 🙂
    My guess is it’ll probably be at least a few weeks before even the barest support is possible, and a month or two before things generally work nicely. So for now you can stop asking. 🙂
    I’ll be sure to post to my blog whenever any progress is being made. For now there’s a lot of busywork getting things upstream before the more interesting parts can happen.

  • Frank

    Thanks for the info!

  • BB Blue

    Cool, thanks for the info. saved me alot of time googleing around for binaries 🙂
    BTW, didn´t know you had a blog. But now I´ll bookmark it.

  • Anyone else having a few frustrations compiling QT/Mac ? I find that I have to keep making symlinks into the current compile directory to get the uic compiler to work right. I’ve also tried to add -L /usr/local/lib on the path of the uic. This is ugly, but it’s working. Any ideas?

  • I just made a posting about this on the KDE-Darwin list. Here is the fix.

  • Brian O'Keefe

    I’m not sure if this is the right forum but…
    I’m trying to use koffice on my G4TiBook, OSX10.2.6. My main problem is printing to FAX and printing to my Canon S750. I’m not that fluent in UNIX but have cobbled the whole thing together using Fink and the Fink begginers forum. Any help?