Fink updates: KDE stable updates, PerlQt 3.004, kumaplayer

Lotsa little fixes got updated last night and this morning.
First of all, I committed some updates to Fink stable in the KDE tree. I added the CoreAudio driver to arts, and updated the dependencies in kdelibs and kdebase, so stable and unstable both have access to audio, and to proper dependencies when downloading now.
Also I "backported" the quanta, kxmleditor, and kvim packages to unstable so that I could release them before 3.1 final.
I worked on a lot of that last night and let it build while I slept. Everything looked fine this morning so I committed.
Then this afternoon I happened upon KumaPlayer, a spiffy KDE wrapper for MPlayer -- one of the best media players on UNIX, so I threw together a quick package for it in experimental.
Also, PerlQt 3.004 final was released today, which incorporates the fixes to play well on MacOSX, among other things, so I upped the version on my Fink package in experimental and rebuilt. All appears to be well. I really can't wait for the KDE final releases, KDE is finally going to resemble a first-class-citizen on OSX. This release is orders of magnitude faster on loading apps and such, compared to the 3.0.7 release in stable and unstable now.
Ahh, happy days.

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