Lord of the Rings? CRAP.

Don't believe me? Check out the 50 reasons Lord of the Rings sucks!
Actually, we're having a viewing of the long version of Fellowship after work tomorrow, gonna set up the big projector and stuff, should be a blast. A bunch of us from work already have tickets for Wednesday. Whee!

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14 comments to Lord of the Rings? CRAP.

  • To quote my favorite movie about Irish soul singers, “That’s fookin’ blasphemy!”

  • Hey, it’s a joke, man!

  • Duh, still, it’s “fookin’ blasphemy!” 😉
    Larry “Elvis is not Soul, Elvis is God” K

  • richy

    I have to admit i found your comments regarding lord of the rings highly offensive. As a lifelong tolkien fan i think your judgements are pretty harsh and seemed to concentrated only on the negative aspects of the production. How many of us will ever forget the touching scene when gandrolfs trousers slip round his ankles causing him to temporarily lose balance in an amusing fashion. Or the tear wrenching moment when frodo discovers his turds are losing their consistency. Or the incredible special effects when gimli lights aragorns fart and the afterburner flame this produces sends the ranger into the stratosphere. The list goes on. For many people these are magical memories that will be cherished forever, why must you try to take them from us?

  • Liv

    Alright…I saw those “50 reasons why LOTR sucks” on a different website, so cleary you didnt make them up! But..its very funny how people who actually hate something that much, will actually go out of their way to say reasons why it sucks! It obvious that they really dont dislike it that much or else they wouldnt waist their time on something so immature! and if they knew enough about the movie to state 50 reasons why it “SUCKS” then obviously its not that bad. For 1, the statement about it being in schools and forsing the books on children for hollywoods benefit is completely irrelevant!schools(or in this case “hollywood”)doesnt force any specific books for any reason on students…Its just like any other book that has a movie! For example ( Of Mice and Men). Students read them in school for the purpose of learning leasons or gaining knowledge about an author! And yes they do have movies of the SAME book but that has nothing to do with the fact that they are read in schools! The books came out long before the movies did…so how could that even compare with the idea that hollywood is controlling the schools? HMM Oh and Greed? Yeah it comes down to the same fact, the books ( 3 OF THEM!).. were made before the movie! What would be the point of even making the first movie if they werent going to contuinue the story, and make the rest? Their would be no piont! I mean get me wrong…but if the movie sucked that bad then why has it been so prosperous?

  • Uhhhhh, it was a joke. =)

  • richy

    Heres a bit of Tolkien trivia for you. Did you know that in the first draught of the Lord of the Rings the character names were quite different. Gandalf was known as lanky beardface and frodo was known as the stunted fuckwit.
    Other documented names were Sam, originally called The stupid fat piss-ant, and Aragorn, known then simply as monkeybollocks.
    More amazing facts can be found at my site:
    May the urine of manwe protect thee

  • HObBiT_LaSs2005


  • tana

    You guys are retards that was a joke stupids

  • -*-Maddy-*-

    Lord of the Rings SUCKS! It was literally the most boring thing I’ve ever seen in my life.

  • dennis

    Lord of the rings is a boring, very boring film. And a very bad one, too. It has little more artistic value than a fancy computer game with cool graphics.

  • Lord_Of_The_Rings_Fan_Forever2005

    Lord of the rings KIcks Ass!!!…If you agree Raise your pints a beer… and join me for Tea, Mushrooms, and Taters at Luncheon.

  • Lesley

    I think Lord of the rings is a very good movie/ book… you just need to give them a chance…

  • Lesley.

    Yah Know guys mabey Someone should write a 100 reasons why LOrd Of the Rings rocks!!!