No Power = No Geekiness!

So an estimated 1.2 million people lost power in North and South Carolina in the ice storms last week. I just got power today. Finally getting toasty in here again. Yay!
Took some pictures while my home machine was down. I took a few more today outside our office; closeups on the tree leaning against the building, and the one on one of our sales guy's car.
At any rate, my buddy Larry let me crash at his place while I had no power. I owe him BIG time.
So today I went into work and got everything set back up, luckily no whacky drive issues or anything; I took the opportunity to get some stuff upgraded, all the software updates and such have been applied now. Ahhhhh...
Now I've gotta figure out where I left off on the KDE stuff -- there's still a lot of work to do. While I was gone, I found out that KDE 3.1 did officially get delayed pending security updates. Going by what they said on the packager list, the changes are going to touch a large amount of the code, albeit lightly. It'll give time for us to get a handle on the library issues, maybe...
Regardless, I'm overdue for some geekin' out. Right now what I want to do most is curl up in my electric blanket and veg. =)

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