The Calm Before the Storm

Sure, it may seem quiet, but oh man, there's been a lot going on.

First of all, a little off topic... Hockey season has started again. Go 'Canes! <grin>

Second, as you might or might not be aware, a new kitty is coming to town soon. While David Morrison has done the majority of the work, I've been trying to help clean up some loose ends in getting things ready in Fink -- validator fixes, working around compiler issues, and other misc stuff.

Third, I and a few other folks have been working on finally getting GNOME up to 2.20 (including GTK+ 2.12) in Fink, which is a metric TON of work. GTK+ 2.8 introduced a dependency on Pango's Cairo backend, which has to bubble up into build-time dependencies for literally hundreds of Fink packages. Through a combination of brute force and some automation, this is now to the point where it's time for brave users to help us find the kinks, test upgrades, and other fun stuff. Expect an announcement sometime this weekend with details.

Fourth, I've been working on getting KDE4 moving again, including KDE4/X11, and starting to package KDE4 beta3 for Fink. This means Qt4/X11 and Qt4/Mac in Fink as well, which I've just gotten working. A little more testing and I'll put those out in unstable. As for KDE4 itself, I'm stymied at the moment by a bug in Strigi that is causing meinproc to fail, so I can't get through kdelibs, but vandenoever is aware of the issue and hopefully we'll get something worked out soon.

Oh, and, I've started using Twitter. I'm still not entirely sure why, but it is fun. 🙂

Anyways, as always, busy busy! I'll try to keep things up-to-date here.

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