Updates Since April 27th

There's been quite a bit going on since my last Fink status update. Here's what I've released since April 27th.

  • amaroK: I've rearranged the amaroK package (again), and updated it to 1.4. It's still got a wrapper package ("amarok") but now the core and the output engines are separate packages. Since the gstreamer engine was not deemed stable for the initial 1.4 release, the only engine that's packaged is the xine engine, but eventually, you will have the choice of 1 or more engines to install on top of the amaroK core without needing variants.

  • GNUPG: I updated gnupg to 1.4.3, as well as gnupg-idea, which was long overdue for an update.

  • GStreamer: I finally did a big overhaul of the GStreamer packages. There's now a wrapper package for all GStreamer 0.10 plugins (called "gst-plugins-0.10"), I've also finally finished up packaging gst-plugins-bad and gst-python. Also of note, gst-plugins-good-0.10 reintroduces the osxaudiosink, missing since 0.8, so you can get native audio again (instead of routing through the esound or SDL output plugins). The osxvideo sink is not quite as ready for primetime, so I've left it out still. Hopefully it's coming soon.

  • KDE: As I mentioned before, I finally got the KDE 3.5.2 release out, and have been going through bug reports. Things are looking pretty good now, only a few outstanding issues that only affect a small number of users. Expect a few more updates (and KOffice 1.5.1) soon, but for the most part it's looking good.

  • libgpod: New package for accessing an iPod, version 0.3.2.

  • liboil: updated to 0.3.8.

  • libtunepimp3: fix for building on 10.3

  • PerlQt (and libsmoke): No version change, but updated to be more friendly with possible porting of kdebindings.

  • various perl modules: Catalyst::Plugin::Authentication (0.07), Catalyst::Plugin::Authorization::Roles (0.04), Catalyst::Plugin::DefaultEnd (0.06), Catalyst (5.6902), Class::DBI::Loader (0.32), Class::DBI::Pg (0.08), Class::Inspector (1.16), Data::Visitor (0.05), DateTime::Format::Pg (0.11), DateTime::TimeZone (0.46), DBD::Pg (1.49), Digest (1.15), File::Copy::Recursive (0.22), Module::Install (0.62), Object::Signature (1.04), Rose::DateTime (0.522), Rose::DB::Object (0.726), Rose::DB (0.673), Test::MockObject (1.06), Test::use::ok (0.01), Text::Balanced (1.98), UNIVERSAL::can (1.12), UNIVERSAL::isa (0.06), XML::Dumper (0.81), XML::RSS (1.10)

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