The Day From Hell

Let's just say I had a bad day yesterday, and it's bleeding over to today.

  1. The new mail server I put in at work is having fits. The antivirus and spam filters just randomly die.
  2. The CVS server at work was at 100% disk usage, and will continue to fill up until we find somewhere else to stage backups coming from our rack at Inflow so that we can get things on tape.
  3. I had to take the cat to the vet again for another fluid treatment (where they do the equivalent of an IV drip, but instead of in the vein, it goes inbetween the skin and muscle on her back, so she gets a 200ml hunchback for a day or so). She doesn't like it much, although she puts up with it.
  4. The vet gave me some specially-formulated wet food to help her ailing kidneys and thyroid. She ate half of a can and then wandered around the house throwing it up. Since it's wet food, it basically went deep into the carpet, I probably won't get the stains completely out without a steam clean. 😛
  5. I upgraded to the new apache-perl because my current setup was pretty brittle, and suddenly module-loading was completely messed up. My server was basically down for a while (if you noticed). I ended up using the old non-modular config and everything works again now. I hope. =)
  6. There's just a few days until panther, and I've been fighting with this mail server stuff since saturday, so I've done basically nothing, which means I'm just stressing drm more.
  7. I'm now told one of my packages breaks dpkg. =)

Let's just say I'm not in a wonderful mood right now.

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