Spam Filtering

So I just upgraded my procmail rules to use a variation of this setup, and I must say, I'm impressed. It's very good at catching stuff, so far, and it's automated to a much stronger degree than what I previously had.
Basically, it does this:

  1. Check against white/grey lists -- if it's OK, pass it through.
  2. Run it through bogofilter and/or spamassassin -- if it's OK, pass it through. If it's not, add it to the bogofilter training as spam.
  3. Run it through procmail filters to push mailing list messages to appropriate filtered folders.
  4. Only if it doesn't match any of the previous, pass it through to TMDA. If it's OK, TMDA will deliver it, otherwise it will request a confirmation.

So far it seems to be working OK. I'm doing a little tweaking to avoid the confirmation as much as possible, but it seems to work great so far. I really dislike the idea of the confirmation stuff, but the way things are nowadays, I don't see another way to get the leftover SPAM that keeps getting through.
Training bogofilter is great, also, if there's false positives in my Junk folder, I move them over to my "whitelist" folder. I then have a cron job that will automatically run each message in the whitelist folder through the "ham" (non-spam) filter which trains bogofilter that it's OK.
[ Update ]
Even better, I made a "filtering" IMAP folder in my mail that contains "white", "white-domain", "grey", "grey-domain", "black", and "black-domain" mail folders. Then I made a script that goes through those folders and automatically adds any messages in those folders to the corresponding TMDA folder for future white/blacklisting, and addes the mails to the bogofilter "ham" or "spam" config. Sweet!
[ Update ]
I've written a more detailed description of what I've got, along with a tarball of my procmail configs and scripts, to the TriLUG mailing list. If you're interested in seeing how exactly I implemented it, look there.

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